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Man recreates maternity pictures with daughter after his wife passed away! The emotional post goes viral!

James Alvarez, a widower recreated the maternity photoshoot that he took with his wife. He recreated the maternity photoshoot with his one-year-old daughter in a tribute to his late wife and shared the emotional poster on social media. The photos posted by James Alvarez on his account with his cute one-year-old daughter have now gone so viral that netizens have really moved by his emotional tribute to his late wife. The pictures from the photoshoot by James Alvarez, the recreation of the maternity photoshoot with his daughter, and the pictures that he took with his wife during the maternity photoshoot have also gone viral.

The emotional post really took the internet by storm and the main reason behind this is indeed really something that will touch your heart. James Alvarez is seen happy with his one-year-old daughter Adalyn in the recreated maternity photoshoot and this photoshoot exactly replicates the one that it took with his wife a year back. James Alvarez’s wife Yesenia Aguilar, died in an accident. She was out for a walk and at that time she got hit by a car. Yesenia Aguilar was around 35-weeks pregnant at the time an incident took place around a year ago. 

She was rushed to the hospital after the accident and the doctors had to perform an emergency C-section to save the baby. The good news was that the baby was totally unharmed even though the accident was really serious but the mother couldn’t make it. After one year James Alvarez, 37 years old wanted to make a tribute for his late wife and came up with an idea to recreate the maternity shoot he had with her a year back. This time instead of his wife he was accompanied by his beautiful daughter who was one year old named Adalyn.


It was Adalyn’s first birthday and the adorable baby is seen wearing a cute pink dress just like her mother who had worn a similar pink colored gown during the maternity photoshoot taken a year before. They shared the post by saying “Adalyn, I know if your mommy was here, she would have been the happiest person alive. She would be so excited to celebrate your birthday,”  

James told the Metro “Adalyn’s birthday was coming up and unfortunately, her birthday is the same day I lost my wife. I wanted to do something meaningful and special to celebrate her birthday and honor my wife. I had someone make a pink dress for my daughter to wear and we went to the same exact location, around the same time that we did the maternity shoot. We tried to reenact it to make the pictures identical and it was truly amazing.” Many social media users who saw the picture found it really emotional and it has now gone viral on social media.

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