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Martin and Yvonne Vickers got a letter from Council for excessive barking from their rabbit!

A Lincolnshire-based couple hit the headlines after receiving a letter from the Council that should stop as per the reports. This happened when the Council misunderstood their pet. the couple had a pet rabbit, and the Council thought it was a very loud dog. Martin and Yvonne Vickers got a letter from East Lindsey District Council. They were complaining about how noisy and disturbing their pet was. 

The Council also mentioned that the pet was causing trouble for others, which is a threat to the safety of the horse riders. It is because of their pet’s ‘excessive barking.’ Later on, the couple was also threatened by being slapped with an anti-social behavior order. It can happen if they do not control their pet. “I am writing to advise you that I have received a complaint regarding your dog’s behavior. I understand your dog barks excessively while in the garden, especially when horse riders go by your fence. This is a concern as this could cause a horse to bolt and possibly throw its rider,” stated Environmental Protection Officer Sue Pailing.

The funny mix up:

However, talking about the issue, the couple had no idea why they mistook their pet rabbit for a noisy dog. The seven-year-old rabbit that the couple has is named Joey. They took it after a previous neighbor could not care for him. Martin is a shop owner and stated that the only noise Joey can make is scratching. And the rabbit makes this noise only when he wants to come out of his enclosure to roam around the house. This is when he wants to go out of his chamber to have a run indoors.

Later on, the man also stated not to go outside the house as a fox could easily catch it. After receiving this letter, the couple made it to the point that they would explain it to the Council. They are talking about the issue. They also stayed until they only got a white rabbit who was not aggressive. While speaking to the members of the Council, they did get a good laugh. It is about the mix-up as per the reports by Yvonne. We’re talking about rabbits. Another thing that is going wildly viral about them is from England.

Rabbits are good chewers:

Sarah Holling, from Derby, is from England and is the owner of a 6-month-old Bunny. She named her pet Binx. Recently, she learned the hard way On how rabbits are good achievers. In 2021 her pet rabbit went on a biting spree that cost more than £2000. Well, in Indian money, it is roughly around Rs 2 lakh. She is an air hostess and a 35-year-old woman who forgot to lock her pet rabbit one day in a cage. Later on, she found out that her pet Bunny had almost destroyed everything about her expensive designer gear. Binx chewed items included Kurt Geiger trainers, Alexander McQueen Shoes, and Louis Vuitton handbags. Well and total it is all worth money, arounds Rs 2 lakh.

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