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Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview, Know about updates, changes and improvements?

This release features a number of enhancements and modifications, including updates to the Media Player and Your Phone apps, as well as a new policy that excludes USB portable drives from BitLocker encryption.
According to Microsoft, the new policy will enable IT administrators to exclude USB removable drives from BitLocker encryption, addressing the issue of automatic or accidental encryption of storage built into specialised devices such as video cameras, voice recorders, conferencing systems, medical devices, and others.
The full list of changes and improvements in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22579 can be seen below.
Changes and Improvements

• As several Insiders have noticed, we’ve also modified our Print Queue experience so that win32 app that utilise CPrintDialog to display the print dialogue now display our modern print dialogue. Furthermore, the current print dialogue automatically detects local network printers.
• You won’t have to go into Settings to install a new printer if you choose one.
• Please leave feedback in the Feedback Hub under Devices & Drivers > Print about your printing experiences.
• We’re reverting to the former design of the Open With dialogue box, which began rolling out with Build 22567.
• After we fix some performance issues noted by Windows Insiders, we plan to bring feature back in the future. Thank you for your suggestions!
• We’re changing the WIN + X menu to redirect to Windows PowerShell so that users may still easily access the console if Windows Terminal is uninstalled.
• If you have Windows Terminal installed and want Windows PowerShell to launch in it, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > For Developers and make Windows Terminal your preferred terminal programme.
• New Fluent-style icons have been added to Magnifier and the on-screen keyboard.

Start menu

• In Start, you may now name your app directories.
• To name a folder, simply create one (the default name will be “Folder”), open it, select “Edit name,” and type the name you want.
• Alternatively, open the folder with keyboard focus, then choose the text box and begin typing.

Get Started app

• To make it easier to pin websites to your taskbar, we’ve included pinned site suggestions to the Get Started app.
• Launch the Get Started app and go to the “Apps and sites we think you’ll like” tab to find this new function.
• Any of the sites mentioned on the page can be pinned to your taskbar, allowing you to access them with a single click.
• Please provide comments at Apps > Get Started > Feedback Hub (WIN + F).


• Try swiping left and right with three fingers to switch between recently used windows, as part of our work to enhance multi-finger touch gestures to incorporate responsive and pleasant animations that follow your finger.

Task Manager

• The Run New Task button is now available on all pages of Task Manager, thanks to user feedback. The icon for Run New Task has been updated.


• Emoji that may be personalised (such as the family emoji) now get a little accent coloured dot in the bottom corner of their entries in the emoji panel to help with discoverability.
• The Keyboard Layout area of Quick Settings has been removed.

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