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Netflix may soon charge you a fee if you share your password with others?

Netflix password sharing is extremely prevalent, with numerous people sharing the same subscription across devices and residences. To help with this, Netflix is implementing features like different user profiles. Users who share their passwords across households may soon be charged by the streaming service.

Netflix announced in a recent blog post that it will test two new features in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru that would modify the way passwords are shared between accounts. While Netflix hasn’t said so, these additional “services” could eventually be available in all other territories. “With features like separate profiles and multiple streams in our Standard and Premium plans, we’ve always made it easy for those who live together to share their Netflix account.”

While they have been quite popular, they have also caused some misunderstanding around when and how Netflix can be shared. “As a result, accounts are being split among households, limiting our capacity to invest in exciting new television and film for our customers.”

What’s different now?

To discourage sharing, Netflix is introducing two new features: ‘Add Extra Member’ and ‘Transfer Profile to New Account.’ Members of Netflix’s Standard and Premium subscriptions will be able to create sub-accounts for up to two persons who do not reside with them, each with their own profile and personalized suggestions.
Each of these sub-accounts will have its own username and password. This will be at a lesser cost; the present pricing in Chile is 2,380 CLP, $2.99 in Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN in Peru.

To move your profile to a new account, follow these steps

Members of the Basic, Standard, and Premium plans can allow others to move their profile information to a new account or an Extra Member sub-account if they share their account. These users will be able to maintain their watching history, My List, and personalized recommendations as a result of this.
Netflix has been revamping its business model recently, with price changes and new initiatives to stay up with competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, and others. As a result of the new adjustments, you and your friends may soon be paying more for sharing the same account.

Jagriti Sharma
Jagriti Sharma
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