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Mr Bear closes the door for a woman! Watch the viral video now!

It is not the first time that an animal is proving it is as smart as humans can be and can do all the activities and things that humans can do. Many videos of pets and wild animals have proven the fact that animals have higher thinking capacity and they can actually nail all the activities that we do in a day to day life.

 For people living in various parts of the US it is common for them to come across wild animals and especially wild bears. Wild bears in different parts of the US often come across the common public and hear one woman encounter one of the bears and the video is going crazy viral on the Internet today. However, this woman living in a secluded area in New Jersey made the bear do something that will shock you. She not only befriended it, but also captured the moment in her camera. Well, as she requested, the carnivore closed her front door with its mouth in the video. Vernon resident Susan Kehoe heard some strange noises from outside her house. She wanted to check if it was raining and when she opened the door, she was amazed. She saw a familiar face , a black bear, standing in front of her house. But what happened next has left many social media users completely shocked and thus the video clip is now going very viral. Well, in the video, the unfazed woman addresses the animal as ‘Mr Bear.’  

She politely asked it, “Will you please close my door?” The fact that is totally unbelievable is that the animal actually listened to her and followed her instructions. The bear obliged and was seen backing away while trying to shut the door by pulling the knob of the door. “You have to finish closing it, sweetie, the cold air is coming in,” the woman is heard saying in a further while speaking to the animal in the video. “Close the door, sweetie. Thank you,” she says to the animal after it completes the task. “Bears are damn smart! This bear learned how to close the front door to my house,” Kehoe wrote on YouTube. 

Kehoe who has been sharing videos of bears to advocate for the well-being of wild animals in the woods. Back in 2010, she was sentenced to a year’s probation and was fined $1,250 after interfering with state biologists who were attempting to tranquilise a bear so they could change its radio collar. Two years later, it was reported that she was found not guilty.  “Residents are encouraged to work within their community to make sure all garbage is secured and kept away from bears,” the Division of Fish & Wildlife, NJ said. 

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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