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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris: Release Information, Cast, and Extras

As summer approaches, there will soon be a surge of cozy, heartwarming stories to look forward to. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is one of these movies. Paul Gallico’s 1958 novel Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris served as the basis for this summer’s film adaptation of the tale. Director Anthony Fabian plans to retell a timeless tale in collaboration with the House of Dior and the National Film Institute of Hungary.

This version is the fourth adaptation of the well-known book series, which was previously adapted for the big screen in 1958, with Gracie Fields playing the title role and again in 1992 with Angela Lansbury. In the film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, a widowed housekeeper in 1950s London decides to do whatever it takes to obtain a stunning couture Dior garment for herself. She gambles, spends every dime she can, and finally decides to go on an adventure to Paris to raise the money needed to buy the dress. The journey is not without challenges, however, as she must combat prejudice from the Parisian fashion elite, who believe she is an outsider among them.

Director Anthony Fabian, whose first full-length film, Skin, received 22 international prizes, is behind Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. He is also well known for the drama Louder Than Words in 2013. Along with Keith Thompson, Carroll Cartwright, Olivia Hetreed, and Fabian contributed to the writing. Xavier Marchand, Guillaume Benski, and Anthony Fabian are among the producers. Here are all the details regarding the impending historical comedy narrative, drama’s trailer, cast, filming, and everything else that has been made public.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Release date

Madame Harris Goes to Paris has its theatrical debut on July 15, 2022, in the US, and on September 30, 2022, in the UK.

The cast of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.  

Lesley Manville is best known for playing Mary Somerville in the 2014 biographical drama Mr. Turner, as the title character Ada Harris in the movie. She appeared in Phantom Thread as Cyril Woodcock, which is why you might also recognize her. Isabelle Huppert, a French actress best known for her Golden Globe Award-winning work in Elle, will portray Claudine Colbert, a House of Dior staffer. Despite initially being a little chilly, the latter helps Mrs. Harris purchase her dream garment. Jason Isaacs, a former actor in the Harry Potter film series, will play Archie, and Lambert Wilson, a former actor in The Matrix Resurrections, will play Marquis de Chassagne.

Alba Baptista, Lucas Bravo, Rose Williams, Roxane Duran, Christian McKay, and Guilaine Londez are additional cast members. The producers will be Guillaume Benski, Xavier Marchand, Anthony Fabian, and Daniel Kresmery, with co-producers Jonathan Halperin and Daniel Creamery. Lesley Manville and Philippe Carcassonne will serve as executive producers. Anthony Fabian, Carroll Cartwright, and Keith Thompson wrote the screenplay for the movie. Focus Features is responsible for the US distribution of the film, while Universal Pictures is in charge of distribution abroad.

The plot of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.  

Mrs. Harris (Lesley Manville), who is getting near 60, feels she can have the dress of her dreams in a scenario resembling a fairy tale. A widowed woman in 1950s London falls in love with a gorgeous Christian Dior outfit. Even though she would love to own the clothing, her income does not allow her to purchase it. Her remedy? She needs to raise as much money as she can.

She even goes so far as to deny herself necessities like meals to save as much money as she can. To raise the needed 500 pounds, she even attempts a little gambling. Over time, Mrs. Harris understands that there are other issues besides the price of garment garments. In the 1950s, if you wanted to purchase a Christian Dior dress, you had to travel to Paris, France. She now needs to purchase a plane ticket to Paris with a little left over for lodging and some more for her maintenance. Her already challenging mission gets more challenging and impossible. After finding her way to Paris, she must deal with the snobbish Paris socialites who view a British woman as inferior.

Other details:

The plot summary for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is as follows:

A new adaptation of Paul Gallico’s much-loved novel about a cleaning lady in 1950s London who falls in love with an haute couture dress by Christian Dior and decides to gamble everything for the sake of this folly. In Budapest, Hungary, during the epidemic in October 2020, filming for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris began. Budapest served as a stand-in for Paris due to the pandemic’s logistical problems. The production crew then spent a few days in Paris and London to photograph the famous locations. The movie’s filming was finished in November 2020.


Focus Features published Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris trailer on April 27, 2022, teasing a quirky comedy in which the title character Ada Harris is taken aback by a stunning garment. When she inquires about the price of this stunning object, she is informed that it would be 500 pounds. Harris decides to work any job she can get despite the cost of buying the dress. Harris decides to travel to Paris in quest of her cherished Christian Dior outfit following a series of circumstances (the details of which are sparsely revealed in the trailer). She visits opulent designer houses in Paris, where she immediately appears out of place. She faces challenges as expected along the route.


Is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris based on a real event?

Harris is a made-up character, though not entirely from Gallico’s work. Fabian came up with a few to make even the fictional TV scenes seem more plausible. In magic realism, the novel must contain an equal amount of magic and reality, according to the author.

Is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris a remake of a previous film?

The official plot summary for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a new adaptation of the beloved novel by Paul Gallico about a cleaning girl in 1950s London who falls in love with a Christian Dior haute couture outfit and resolves to risk everything for this foolishness.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris: How long is it?

There is one h 55m in it.

Where was the movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris shot?

Paris trip for Harris (2022) They shot in several Budapest locales in October and November 2020, doubling them for Paris and London. At Ferihegy 1 and Airplane Park, a scene showing Mrs. Harris leaving the Paris airport was shooting.

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