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    When their seemingly ordinary dad is thrust into the surprise interplanetary adventure of a lifetime, the kids learn that their father’s work is anything but dull. Family bonding time turns out to be much more than they bargained for as they attempt to assist their dad in pursuing his toughest fugitive yet while dodging scary aliens, robots, and laser wars aplenty. Dad must be there for his kids when they need him the most when they are on the road, and they had better get home before Mom finds out! Exactly what your kids would love to watch in a perfect mixture of animation with sci-fi. If you were waiting for a match, “my daddy and the bounty hunter” is here for you, around the corner in release, find out what to expect and where to watch.

    TRAILER ??

    Well, on the brighter side, Yes! The official trailer, poster, and key art for Netflix’s brand-new 3DCG animated action-comedy My Dad the Bounty Hunter have just been revealed. The ten-episode series chronicles the exploits of the hardest bounty hunter in the galaxy, a guy with razor-sharp talents but also a secret: his family on Earth is unaware of what he does for a job. The program premieres on February 9. And the trailer is officially announced and released by Netflix already. 



    The program, which was created by Oscar winner Everett Downing and Patrick Harpin, centers on close-knit siblings Lisa and Sean who slip away on their father’s most recent business trip in the hopes of spending some quality time together. When they learn that Dad has been hiding the fact that he is the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy from them, they are in for a big surprise. Sean and Lisa furthermore sneak away on their father’s truck as he drives out to work because they want to spend more time with their workaholic father. They don’t exactly know what he does to be gone for so long, but when they sneak outside to surprise him, they find a fancy spaceship with a high-tech security system alerting them to an intruder.


    The animation will be serving some profound anime characters whose roles have been voice cast. In their roles as executive producers, Downing and Harpin. JeCobi Swain, Laz Alonso, Yvonne Orji, Uggams, Rob Riggle, and Priah Ferguson are among the voice actors. Yvette, Leslie Jim Rash Jennifer Brown


    Everett Downing Jr., who also co-directed the Oscar-winning short Hair Love, is the director of the ten-part animated series My Dad the Bounty Hunter, which will debut in 2023. Since the official trailer has already been released and each episode lasts 22 minutes, the series appears to be quite promising. Here is what we currently know about the forthcoming Netflix animated series My Dad the Bounty Hunter.


    It turns out that their father is the fiercest bounty hunter in the galaxy, with amazing abilities and a sizable number of enemies to pursue. He finds both of his kids on the spacecraft and must decide whether to take them with him or leave them behind at home. On the other hand, the children insist on going with him. The family has a variety of challenges as they go on a new journey as if surviving mercenaries and aliens wasn’t challenging enough.


    Netflix has officially announced to launch of My Dad the Bounty Hunter, one of the most intriguing-looking animated programs in February, and with the date, we can assure you that it’s only a few days hereafter, so you can sit back and plan your weekend with your kids binging on “My daddy and the bounty hunter”. The series has an intriguing narrative and excellent animation thus far, and it appears to be really exciting. Up until the series’ launch, it will be unclear whether it meets up to audiences’ hopes and expectations.

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