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My Mister Season 2: Cast, Story and many more information here!

Are you a big fan of South Korean drama? Well you are at the right spot now. We have got updates for one of the famous South Korean drama season 2. Yes we have got updates for My Mister season 2! Well for the newbies out here, My Mister is a well-known South Korea drama series. The famous series was released in 2018. The creation of the series was  originally   done by Studio dragon. The series is also known as My Ahjussi. The series was actually written by Park Hae Young. The direction of the famous series is done by Kim Won Seo. Talking about the main cast, the drama includes Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Ji Eun. My Mister first season consisted of a total of 16 episodes.

The executive directors of the drama are Cho Hyung-jin, Kim Sang-Heon and Park Ho-sik. Under the production company Chorokbaem Media, the drama is produced by Park Ji Hyun. This amazing series aired on tvN, and it released its first series on March 21 2018. The amazing series directed by Kim Won-Seok is highly acclaimed. It has won the best drama award in the 55th Baeksang Arts Award.

Now, if you are a fan of the My Mister series, this article will cover the information about the season 2 updates. So stay tuned to know about the release date and all other updates!

The story of My Mister revolves around two people who found an unexpected yet meaningful relationship. This was also brought on by their struggles in their life. Let us find out more about ‘My Mister’, regarding the release date and many more.

The chances for ‘My Mister’ Season 2:

It is now known that ‘My Mister’ is not renewed. So there is not much chance of releasing My Mister season 2 for now.  If you are a Kdrama fan, you know very well that most of the k-dramas don’t release a follow up season. What we can say is that My mister is different from others. Wondering for the reason? Lastly, tell you that My mister season 1 had an open ending. Usually other Kdramas don’t show an open ending at the end. Most of the Kdramas wrap up the story tightly at the end of the first season.

If the series gets a renewal for another season there is always another chapter to explore. It is very rare that K dramas get renewed for next season. So there are chances that this k-drama will end up with an open ending, and may remain as it is forever.

Let us discuss more about the series below!

What may be the plot of ‘My Mister’ Season 2?

The story of ‘My Mister’ mostly revolves around Ji-An (IU). Ji-An is a debt-laden young woman. She struggles to keep her head above the water as she also takes care of her deaf and sick grandmother. She works on a temporary job. There, she  becomes friends with her supervisor, Dong-Hun (Lee Sun-Kyun). She comes to know that Dong-Hung is equally miserable as her.

Their tough circumstances resulted in them developing a deeper relationship. It was also seen that the series came to end with the two seen at a much better place. The two shake hands and promise to meet again one day in the final scene. It was also seen that Ji-An grew more mature and confident. It is very clear to see that Dong-Hun got attracted to the new version of Ji-An. While on the other hand, Ji-An too had clear feelings for him.

There are not many chances that the series will get a renewal for the second season. but if yes, probably the story will continue from that cliff-hanging scene. It is also expected that they will continue to show Ji-An and Dong-Hun’s relationship.

Well, talking about their promise that we will meet again one day, only time can tell that.

The cast of ‘My Mister’ Season 2:

If there are chances of renewal, everyone is eager to see the duo return and continue their story. It is really expected by every fan to see their favourite duo together back again.

If there is an upcoming season, then we could see Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-hoon. Park Dong-hoon is a stoic structural engineer. He admires Lee Ji-an’s grit and determination she has in her life. Sun-kyun has also appeared in another hit K-drama series. The Kdrama  is a romantic show called ‘Coffee Prince’, released in 2007.


Similarly, we could also see Lee Ji-eun (IU) again as Lee Ji-an. Lee Ji-An is a  young woman who gets hired by her boss to find out Park Dong-hoon’s weakness. It turns out that she ends up falling in love with him. Surely, we all know IU well. She is a very famous kpop singer and actress. She made her debut with a mini-album ‘Lost and Found’ at a young age of fifteen. IU was also seen in the fantasy Mystery Kdrama titled ‘Hotel del Luna.’

My Mister Season 2 Reviews and Ratings:

The beautiful drama series has been extremely loved by fans. It has got an amazing fan following. The series has got extremely high ratings which are about nine 9.1 out of 10 IMDb. There is a big fan base for the Kdrama, the people are also eagerly waiting for season 2. The series became very popular because of its very beautiful love story.  The fans have been commenting on the series because of its realisticness. Even though the Kdrama has got many reviews and high ratings, there is no information on renewal. There is no official announcement yet given about the series despite the high demand.

Is There An Official Trailer For ‘My Mister’ Season 2?

As there is no news about the renewal of the series, there is no trailer either. We all are still waiting eagerly for the confirmation of ‘My Mister’ Season 2. The show finished airing episodes in 2018. It’s been a long time, and there is no information received yet. So there is a possibility that the second season will never happen anymore. Well, if you are a newbie here, let us leave you with the season one trailer in the meantime. You can also watch season one on Netflix. Stay tuned to know about the updates on ‘My Mister’ Season 2!

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