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My Policeman movie review & film summary (2022)

In the most anticipated pairing since Don’t Worry, Darling, which also starred Haz, Emma Corrin and Harry Styles play the lead roles in the upcoming movie My Policeman. The movie, which is based on the best-selling novel My Policeman, is described below.

The LGBT romance film My Policeman, in which The Crown star Emma Corrin co-stars with her friend Harry Styles, finished filming last year, and the first full teaser is now out! The most recent trailer!

In the 1950s, My policeman, Harry, and Emma portray a young couple who become involved in a love triangle with an older guy. The main three characters in My p[oliceman younger and older versions will be portrayed by six actors, including Rupert Everett as Patrick, the lover of Haz’s character.

My Policeman: trailer

You can see the trailer for My Policeman at the top of youtube due to the popularity of my policeman! Harry, Emma, and David appear remarkable at first glance in My policeman, and the intricate relationships between their characters are clearly as complex and intense as the story in the novel.

Harry’s persona Tom is shown marrying Marion, played by Emma Corrin, then sharing a passionate hug with Patrick, a hidden lover in My policeman.

My Policeman movie

My Policeman: Book Adaptation

My Policeman is based on the novel of the same name My policeman by Bethan Roberts and while the film will not likely have some adjustments for the big screen, we’ve got a fairly clear sense of what it’ll be about based on the book’s description.

My Policeman, which is set in the 1950s, recounts the romance between Marion and Tom when she falls for him as he teaches her to swim at Brighton Beach.

It’s safer for Tom to wed Marion, but she must share her policeman with Patrick. They enjoy their relationship as a threesome until one of them is torn apart by envy. When an old Patrick returns to Marion and Tom’s lives in the 1990s, the course of the tale changes forever.

When Will My Policeman be released?

The release date for My Policeman has been announced! The much-awaited movie is scheduled to arrive in theatres on October 21, 2022! Beginning November 4, 2022, Prime Video will also offer the movie for streaming. After My Policeman’s filming was over in June 2021, director Michael Grandage announced the news on Instagram by posting a photo of himself with actors Harry and David.

Who plays which roles in My Policeman?

Marion is portrayed by Emma Corrin, while Tom, Marion’s husband, is portrayed by Harry Styles, with Patrick is played by David Dawson. In the 1990s, three additional elderly actors were chosen to play Marion, Tom, and Patrick: Gina McKee as a more mature Marion Linus Roache An elder Patrick played by Tom Rupert Everett. 

Review and Ratings 

The Harry Styles movie, My policeman starship story has so far been more captivating than the actual Harry Styles movie starship story, which is a too-perfect climb that is losing speed day by day. The teen heartthrob turned legitimate pop star began his career not ill-advisedly with a small role in Christopher Nolan’s epic depiction of the Second World War, Dunkirk. He then booked back-to-back blockbusters starring Olivia Wilde, Don’t Worry Darling, a suburban sci-fi thriller, and My Policeman, a prestige gay romance, both of which were slated for glamorous premieres on the fall festival circuit.

However, when the train approached the platform, the wheels were already on the verge of coming off due to a whirlwind of criticism surrounding both films and both performances. As the movie Don’t Worry Darling sunk into the canals of Venice and received a mostly unsettling reception, tales of toxicity on the shoot have been overshadowed by reviews of comparable toxicity. The bulk of critics gave Styles’ acting chops a huge question mark, saying that it was an anticlimactic sea of shrugs in a character that was too small and constrained to tell us all that much.

My Policeman movie

Faqs on My Policeman 

Does My Policeman have a genuine tale behind it?

The 2012 book My Policeman, on which the movie is based, was itself inspired by the life of E.M. Forster, who had a long-term relationship with a police officer and was also acquainted with his wife.

What happens in My Policeman’s climax?

But eventually, in the most formal of ways, Tom and Marion are married. It’s not a passionate marriage, and Marion can’t seem to control her jealousy of Tom and Patrick’s “relationship” with them.

Is the book My Policeman any good?

A love triangle involving three characters is the subject of the excellent and heartbreaking novel My Policeman by Bethan Roberts. In Brighton in the 1950s, Tom, Patrick, and Marion cross paths, and the results of their collision are dreadful and irreparable.

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