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My Secret Romance Season 2: When will it happen?

For all the fans who have been eagerly waiting to watch one more amazing ke drama here is some nice news. The article will tell you about one of the most famous k dramas. Also you will know about the upcoming season. The drama named My Secret Romance is what we are talking about.   

 The amazing plotline makes it one of the most highly suggestive dramas.  All Korean drama lovers absolutely love it. The romantic comedy South Korean TV series is very popular.  It is because of the chemistry between the actors. There are so many things in the drama that make your heart flutter. 

 There is truly a very high demand for My Secret Romance Season 2. Well, we fans are not just happy enough with only one season. We want to see the characters showing more of their chemistry in all the coming seasons. So here are the details so you can know everything about the show.

The release of the episodes of My Secret Romance was on every Monday and Tuesday. It was initially airing on the channel OCN. The episodes are available to watch from 17th April 2017. Also the rom-com drama series had a happy ending. Well, the last episode was available on 30th May 2017. It was the first drama on OCN romantic plotline. 

Talking about the show, you will see the chemistry between Jin-wook and Yoo-mi. The character of Jin-wook is a playboy-like personality. Being the only son of a CEO he comes from a very famous and rich family. Talking about the personality of Yoo-mi, she’s a simple and beautiful girl. The couple meet in a resort and the heroine falls for the hero. She was present in the resort in order to attend her mother’s S wedding. After a lot of funny events and misunderstandings they both feel a connection. 

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They spent the night together and the next day Yoo-mi disappears. Well this is not where the story ends but actually it begins. The couple meets once again after many years. Well things change this time and it seems like they fall for each other truly. The story becomes completely to see when a child appears in the scene. The young boy is Yoo-mi’s half-brother. But the hero misunderstands the boy as her son.  

My Secret Romance Season 2: When will it return? 

This drama surely became one of the most amazing shows to watch. It has got so much fame over the years just because of it’s amazing plotline. Also how can we forget the amazing acting skills by the actors. The show is not only popular because of the romantic plot line but also for all the hilarious scenes. Ever since the first season was out, fans have been eagerly waiting for any updates regarding season 2. There are so many rumors going on regarding the show and it’s coming back season. Well some even state that the season is under development. Some state that the show is not going to come up with another season and there are cancellation rumors too. Talking about any official news there is none. 

There is no official statement regarding the upcoming season 2 or if it is going to be happening or not. However there are chances for another season because of the high demand. Well to make a note, Korean dramas are something that do not come up with many seasons. Also usually drama over with just one season. If we get any new updates regarding season 2 we will surely let you know. 

What can happen in My Secret Romance Season 2?

Well firstly the main cost of the show includes Sung Hoon as Cha Jin-wook. You can see Song Ji-eun as Lee Yoo-mi. Also there is Jung Da-sol as Joo Hye-ri. And Kim Jae-young as Jung Hyun-tae. However we have not got any official news regarding season 2. If the makers come to a decision of making a season 2 will surely let you know by adding it in the article. If season 2 of the drama happens we will get to see the married life of the couple. How will their married life be? Is what many fans are eagerly waiting to watch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Secret Romance Season 2 happening?

My Secret Romance Season 2  might or might not release very soon. The first season of the drama was available on 2017. The South Korean television series was first available from April 17. Total there were 14 episodes of season 1 which were all a huge hit.  

Are Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun dating?

It is true that there were a lot of rumors stating a relationship between Sung-hoon and Song Ji-Eun. The true factors are that they both had an amazing chemistry inside the drama series full of stuff. Well , thus many fans doubted that we might be a real life couple. However they denied all the dating rumors and said that they both were just really close friends. They stated that they do not have any romantic relationship between them. 

Is My Secret Romance worth watching?

Well, the drama “My Secret Romance” is truly popular. It is surely one of the best K-dramas to watch internationally. If you’re someone who loves romantic comedy scenes in a drama, then surely watch it.

Where was my secret romance filmed?

The shooting of the drama was on Jeju Island.

Does My Secret Romance have a happy ending?

Our couple in the drama series will have a happy ending. The OCN’s romantic comedy series  “My Secret Romance” has a good finale. The couple faces a lot of struggles in the relationship. There are many scenes which will make you completely sad. However in the end they are together living happily is what we get to see.

To sum it all up in this article you will get to know a lot about a drama. Well The famous k drama My Secret Romance is what we have in the article. You can know about other season 1 Plot and also a lot about upcoming seasons. There are also details about the cast members and what the k-drama was all about. You can also get the information regarding the release dates and episodes of the drama.

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