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Cast, teaser, and more information for National Treasure : Edge of History

National Treasure, an epic tale of action, adventure, and history, is back with a new plot and a brand-new treasure-hunting puzzle to complete. Instead of a third film, the National Treasure team is shaking things up with a ten-episode television series where viewers search for clues and try to solve the mystery with the people on screen. A fresh spin on the action-packed tale, National Treasure : Edge of History will delve into aspects of pan-American history that the Gates team has never studied.

This article will be your guide to learning more about the new National Treasure series, and you won’t even need to rub lemons on it. In actuality, you shouldn’t. To gather all the information you require before the release of National Treasure : Edge of History, we have pieced together the clues, located the artefacts, and deciphered the cyphers.

National Treasure : Edge of History Release date

The first two episodes of National Treasure : Edge of History will debut on Disney+ on December 14, 2022, according to the official release date announced at the series presentation at D23. The programmes will begin after that air once a week on the service. 

national treasure edge of history

The cast of National Treasure : Edge of History  

In the two National Treasure movies, Nicolas Cage played Benjamin Gates in the lead role. A history enthusiast who risked all to clear his family’s name and find the Face Off actor portrayed the nation’s hidden riches. The National Treasure franchise has a new storyline and lead actor without Cage. Jess Morales/Valenzuela, played by Lisette Olivera, is a 22-year-old who sets out on a cross-country adventure to learn more about her family. Finding the lost treasure that her father told her about years before is the only way she can solve the mystery of her past. Fortunately, she has supportive friends who have piled into a van for the journey of a lifetime. Together, they set out in pursuit of the information needed to unravel the mystery, perhaps before Billie Pearce, her affluent opponent.

Billie Pearce, a trader in antiques on the illicit market, will be portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. She makes an effort to cooperate with Jess before stealing her clues and competing with her to solve the mystery first, just like Ian Howe did in the first National Treasure movie.

Riley Poole, the tech expert, will be played by Justin Bartha once more. According to Bartha, things have changed since the movies in which he played the young actor on set. The Hangover star expressed his admiration for how the National Treasure series leverages American history as the basis for the tale of a grand treasure hunt.

national treasure edge of history

The plot of National Treasure : Edge of History  

As a tribute to its predecessors, the National Treasure : Edge of History series will carry on the treasure-hunting narrative full of artefacts, maps, and lost history. But with every new tale comes a riddle that the Gates team has never previously attempted to solve.

Both Jess Valenzuela and Billie Pearce are searching for three enigmatic boxes. The buried treasure Jess’ father had previously informed her about can be found by solving the clues in these boxes. Jess thinks that if she can figure out the puzzle, she will discover more about her family’s history and find a treasure trove of gold.

The young adventurer has in his possession a peculiar cube, the surface of which has several rotating circles and is inscribed with symbols, including a Mayan numeral system that counts up to thirteen. Although a mural is displayed showing Spanish conquistadors rushing their boats at what looks like a Mayan temple. So, it appears from the behind-the-scenes photos that the series will draw inspiration from the Mexican-American war. South American history and mythology were previously mentioned in the second instalment of the National Treasure franchise. The viewers are hopeful that this series will be a little more historically accurate and won’t try to convince them that there are still more South American ruins in the Midwest.

national treasure edge of history


The series star is out in the seventeen-second teaser trailer after flashing artefacts from the past and the present across the screen. The remnants from the current National Treasure movies show that these items and the tales behind them will be here. In addition, a behind-the-scenes documentary that provided viewers with some additional context for the new narrative and characters was available simultaneously as the teaser. Based on the military gear and weapons in the clip, the fighting scene shown in the behind-the-scenes video might represent the Mexican-American War of 1846.

A female soldier with long, wavy hair may be in the front. This woman is probably the ancestor our main character is trying to discover. On September 10, 2022, during D23, the official trailer for National Treasure: Edge of History was out. Harvey Keitel, who plays Agent Peter Sadusky in the sequel. Also, is chatting to Jess Morales in the teaser and telling her that her father was hiding many secrets. The teaser finishes with Justin Bartha as Riley Poole introduces himself to the group. So, giving viewers a sneak peek at all the action sequences and adventures that our new heroes will have.

FAQs :

Will National Treasure 3 be out ?

Film producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that work on National Treasure 3 is still in progress following the publication of the first teaser trailer. So, for the spin-off Disney+ series, National Treasure: Edge of History.

In National Treasure: Edge of History, will Nicolas Cage appear ?

In season 1 of Edge of History, Nicolas Cage. So, who starred in the first two National Treasure films, will not be present (not for lack of effort). But in the setting of the programme, his persona, Ben Gates, is a famous person.

Who plays whom in the latest National Treasure film ?

Another of Jess’ close friends, Ethan, joins the group. Antonio Cipriano will play Oren, a “lovable but self-obsessed goofball,” according to Deadline. Liam, a singer who hails from a family of treasure seekers, will be by Jake Austin Walker.

What appeared in the president’s book on page 47 ?

Then, either the Guidestones are in the President’s book about a broader plot. So, which the President then enlists Ben Gates’ assistance to unravel. Well, or the Guidestones have already been on page 47.


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