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Netflix has raised the cost of its subscription plans in a few countries; check the new price list ?

In some countries, Netflix membership options have become more expensive. While the streaming giant has dropped the prices of its monthly and annual subscriptions in India, it has raised the prices in the US and Canada. In the United States, the corporation said that monthly membership fees will increase by $1 to $2, depending on the plan.

Netflix has been extremely thoughtful in India. Netflix has cut the pricing of its membership plans in India in order to attract new subscribers. In India, the monthly plan starts at Rs 149. In the United States, the most basic plan, which permits only one screen to be used at a time, costs 9.99 dollars. The regular package now costs $15.50 per month, up from $14 before. The standard plan allows two displays to be used at the same time.

The 4K package will cost $20 per month, up from $18 now. This layout enables four screens to be used at the same time. The basic plan’s price has also been raised by $1. In Canada, Netflix has also raised the rates of its membership plans. In Canada, the regular plan has been raised to C$16.49 from C$14.99. The cost of the premium plan has increased from C$2 to C$20.99. Netflix, on the other hand, has not raised the price of the basic package.

The price stays at C$9.99. A Netflix spokeswoman told Reuters, “We’re changing our fees so that we can continue to provide a wide variety of great entertainment alternatives.” “As always, we provide a variety of options so that members may choose a price that fits their budget.” Netflix’s mobile subscription in India has been dropped from Rs 199 to Rs 149, allowing customers to view videos in 480p on their phones and tablets.

The Basic package now costs Rs 199 and allows customers to watch films on a single mobile, tablet, computer, or television screen at a time. The concept has already been proven at Rs 499. In India, the Standard membership package, which allows users to view high-definition videos, now costs Rs 499. Users may watch videos on two separate devices at the same time with this package. Previously, the Standard plan was priced at Rs 649.

The Premium plan, which was previously priced at Rs 799, will now only cost subscribers Rs 649. Users on the Premium plan may watch videos in 4K+HDR. With the Premium package, customers may watch four different devices at the same time.



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