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Here’s What You Need To Know About Disney’s New Movie Wish

Disney is finally examining how the enduring wishing star came to be after years of telling stories about what happens when characters make wishes come true.
Disney announced the creation of its upcoming animated musical, Wish, during the D23 expo on September 9, 2022. The story revolves around the myth of the wishing star and centres on Asha, a 17-year-old character voiced by West Side Story Oscar winner Ariana DeBose. A ball of limitless energy known as Star responds to Asha’s passionate prayer to the heavens in the novel. Star and Asha work to preserve her community as a team.
The film’s inspiration was discussed during the D23 presentation by Chris Buck, who is directing the movie alongside Fawn Veerasunthorn. “Fawn and I both fell in love with Disney masterpieces as children,” he remarked. A person who has a sincere wish in their heart has the greatest power in the universe. The film “means so much to all of us at the company and has been an unbelievable collaboration across all of the generations,” said Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios, at the announcement.
Later that day, Debose discussed her role as Asha in an interview with Deadline. The actress remarked, “I’m extremely pleased that small girls can identify with this role and have a figure that, she’s not one thing, she’s many things, like many of the Disney characters.” “But how great is it that she can be imagined in a picture similar to mine? I find that to be great.”



The issue that the new animated musical poses is “How did the wishing star, upon which so many characters hoped, come to be,” according to Lee, who made the announcement at D23.
The narrative centres on an optimistic young woman named Asha and is situated in the mythical nation of Rosas. A heavenly energy known as Star grants the heroine’s wishes when she makes them. In order to combat a villain that has been called one of Disney‘s most “formidable antagonists,” Asha and Star team together.
Throughout D23, DeBose discussed her part in the movie. “I’m voicing the Asha character—an unique one, mind you—who is somewhat similar to myself. She possesses a variety of qualities, like being extremely intelligent, having a fantastic sense of humour, and attempting to look out for those who matter most to her “The actor revealed.
“She doesn’t know that she is a leader. She is simply living and acting, learning as she goes along, and making mistakes, which is what it means to be human.” DeBose noted that in addition to adventure, viewers can anticipate “a lot of singing.”
I believe that creative tunes and original stories can excite listeners. It has all the beloved Disney magic, but it has our appearance, and that’s extremely thrilling.

Star Cast

Just DeBose and former actor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Alan Tudyk have been named as cast members so far. DeBose will play the lead role of Asha, and Tudyk will voice a goat named Valentino. Tudyk’s response to a question regarding his persona was a simple “He’s a cool guy,”

Release Date

On November 22, 2023, the movie will be seen in theatres

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