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Nikhil Ramani and Luke Duckworth’s English indie-pop single ‘hindsight’ is out now.

Nikhil Ramani is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller from Chennai. His tunes are stitched together on a DAW from preliminary ideas he jotted down on his phone (Digital Audio Workstation).
Looking back on decisions made at critical periods in your life and debating whether they were correct or incorrect is what hindsight is all about. It discusses how those choices do not make our lives any less unique.

The web of arpeggiators that a 34 time signature weaves gradually entraps you. Three minutes of changing instruments that pan around the stereo spectrum, backed by vocals that are double-tracked. The background voices don’t harmonise since it would be too beautiful; instead, they reply to the lead vocals as they both melt into each other in the final chorus, according to International Singer Nikhil Ramani. His most recent release, ‘Seventeen,’ was a strange throwback to his childhood in Chennai and a voyage towards the end of adolescence.

Luke and Nikhil are roommates who are working on a solo project together. During quarantine, the two recorded songs in the spare bedroom of their Indianapolis home, which they transformed into a home studio. They are embracing the independent music culture of self-recording, producing, and releasing their songs, mostly driven by the idea of making the best of what they have. The project is best defined as a mix of bedroom indie-pop and gentle synths with catchy tunes.



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