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NRI woman skis in saree in viral Instagram video; Internet amazed

A video that has taken social media by storm features a woman skiing on snow-covered mountains while wearing a saree. The video has received 1.9 million views.

Author Tiasa Bhowal reports that the viral video shows Divya Maiya, CEO of Saath, skillfully skiing on snowy slopes in a pink saree. The unconventional yet impressive clip was shared on Instagram on April 11 and has since amassed nearly 2 million views.

Divya expressed gratitude towards the person who suggested that she ski in a saree, as she successfully pulled off the stunt. She thanked everyone who supported her and encouraged her throughout the winter season. Divya stated that she found it inspiring and liberating to ski in a saree, as a sportsperson and a dancer performer. The combination of adrenaline and pride is what she thrives on, and she feels that her two worlds of skiing and dancing are coming together. The video caption also noted that many people find it inspiring to see a brown woman shredding in a saree, and Divya is grateful for the positive response.

The internet was thoroughly inspired by this video. Some users even shared their own skiing experiences. “Incredible! I’d definitely suggest dressing up for the season’s last ski day party at Vail or any of the major resorts. Those parties absolutely need some representation from brown women. Keep shredding,” commented a user.



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