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On My Block season 4: how did the series end?

Well, for all the fans who are crazy about On My Block, we know that you can never get enough of the series. All the series have ended with season 4, which is still thought about. Also, many fans suggest that I watch all the fantastic episodes of the last final season. The previous season of the series, On My Block season 4, was mind-blowing. Everyone was a huge Khan of the entire series, including all of the Four Seasons, because of its unique plot. Also, how we can forget the most skilled cars numbers who made the Seasons much more exciting to watch.

The Amazing story and the character roles are something that we will not forget anytime soon. All we would love to just time watching the Core Four. It’s only suitable for us to say goodbye. They will be going separate ways now because of college and adulting, and we know that we have to accept it as it is. Well, also, things are going to change in Freeride. Also, with that being said, we know that the final season of our favourite show was indeed a bang and all of the fans love that.

There are many things to learn and many things to expect from the season. So here are a lot of details you should read about to know much more about On My Block season 4. Please read the article below to learn everything about On My Block season 4. We also have all the details about the exact plotline in On My Block season 4. 

On My Block season 4: what happens with everyone?

Our Core Four may have graduation looming, but they still have a central high school rite. Also, how can we forget about prom? As per the reports, we know that Monse is still upset and heartbroken that Cesar said no to her prom-posal. He finally decides to read her mom’s book. After getting all the information from it for days, he finds or that the lady who originally left her all those years ago. She meets with her dad and Brian to reveal what she learned and says she wants them all to be a family again, which they accept.

On the other hand, we see Jamal still believing that someone is coming after him. He also installs all cameras in his room to keep watch on everything happening around him. At the same time is also preparing for the prom date after choosing a popular girl Charlize. Seeing a gnome on his windowsill, Jamal also finds out that Chive is not the one who has been following him around, and the reason he is there is because Spooky Gnomie “wants to be with him” instead. Talking about the prom, we watch Ruby, Jasmine, and Monse finally find out that Jamal’s big prom theme is “Illuminati Nights,” much to their annoyance.

They all enjoy that time, and the couples move to the dance floor. When Jamal realizes that Charlize is hot, she is not interested in him. Monse is left alone. Everybody is enjoying their time with their loved ones. She does not have anyone to spend time with anyone. Next, in the bathroom scene, Jasmine tries to cheer up Monse by telling her to live her best life. She the adds that she should forget “the stupid bitch that sole Cesar.” Also, Ruby wins the title of prom king, and the entire crew celebrates the big news. 

Was Jamal been stalked or not?

Jamal notices that Juanita is on the table, and she “tells” him to head outside. Well, later on, he also fine Kendra staring at him. He, after going out, also finds the car that has been following him all this time. As per the reports, we know that it was finally Noel Aroma, a Fortune 500 tech billionaire, who has been keeping tabs on him, thanks to Kendra. Well, she works for him as an intern. Noel offers him a job after high school, and Jamal gladly accepts.

Monse and Cesar almost Have a sweet moment when the decision to dance to the last slow song of the night. However, they get disturbed by th Vero coming in before they can start. Later on, they reconnect, and Cesar notes that he sees a future for the first time in his life, and he hopes that she is there with him. Later that night, after the prom ends, they all decide to go to Ruby’s house. That’s when they find Abuelita is dead. Everyone reunites at her memorial party one last time, where they smoke weed and drink tequila in her honour.

Later on, they also find a new group of kids speaking into the yard as they did during the beginning of the series in season 1. They all, in the end, talk about what is the planning to do in future. Monse reveals she plans to take a year off to write a memoir about their adventures. Cesar goes to Portland to help raise his new niece. Ruby reveals Abuelita left them a final gift: a map. And with that, everything comes to and in a happy way.

Is On My Block season 4 the last season?

While the season 4 finale is the last time, we’ll see this specific Core Four on our screens. Season 4 was the final season, but it was indeed one of the most memorable seasons. Everybody loves the house the created is, gave such a unique and peaceful Happy ending to our favourite group.

On My Block season 4: FAQ

Is Oscar from the On My Block season 4 dead or alive?

Yes, he is dead in episode 5 of season 4.

Who will end up with Cesar on the On My Block season 4?

Cesar and Monse did not get back together. However, they made peace.

What is the age of Ruby from the On My Block season 4?

She is 24 years old

What is the age of Monse from the On My Block season 4?

She is 22 years old.


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