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One Piece Chapter 1047 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Release time

The most recent chapter of the One Piece Manga is now available. Oda Sensei has ensured that the fight against Kaidou will continue in this chapter. Fans see the full scope of Monkey D. Luffy’s talents and abilities as he resumes his struggle with Kaidou in Chapter 1047. Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1047, Raw Scan, Release Date Confirmed, and Online Reading Locations.

In one piece Kaidou describes how the talents to function and how waking signifies the mind and body catching up. This means Monkey D. Luffy lacks access to the most potent fruits, and the only issue now is how he will put his newfound talents to use.

We’ll talk about One Piece Chapter 1047 spoilers in this post, as well as some of our own guesses based on discord, Youtube, Reddit, and other sources. 

Recap from previous chapters of one piece 

One Piece Chapter 1047

Previously in one piece Usopp tries to put out the fire using Midori Boshi: Sprinkler, but the plant is devoured by the flames. Hamlet informs him that he’s wasting his time, but Usopp responds that he feels obligated to preserve Kin’emon and Kikunojo as promised to Izou. Franky is bringing the unconscious Zoro to the Right Brain Tower, where he is being pursued by other turncoat Gifters. Raizo and Jinbe, on the other hand, have finished their preparations on the fourth floor.

Raizo utilised his Devil Fruit powers to preserve the seawater Zunesha used to wash itself in his scrolls while on Zou, his reason being the shame he felt for not being able to prevent Oden Castle from burning that day 20 years ago. Jinbe then utilises Mizugokoro and Kairyu Ipponzeoi to fling all of the stored water down throughout the castle, extinguishing all of the fires.

Meanwhile, in one piece, Yamato informs Momonosuke, who is stunned, that Kaidou has reached his limit and will no longer be able to sustain his flame clouds, which means he must generate flame clouds as large as his or Onigashima would collapse.

One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers & Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers

Since the release of the most recent chapter of one piece, a lot of fan theories have circulated on the internet. It’s worth noting that all of the hypotheses presented here were submitted by fans from various sites. We’ll update the predictions whenever the official spoilers are available.

The manga’s latest chapter of one piece focus continues to bounce between Jinbe and Razo. Onigashima was on fire as a result of Kanjuro’s “Burning Hatred.” Finally, we learn how, during his time at Zou, Razo’s body retained vast amounts of water, which he utilized to start quenching the fires.

Fans of one piece now assume that Onigashima will fall, symbolizing Kaidou’s demise. Monkey D. Luffy is shown gloating and claiming the Onigashima is collapsing on the manga’s last page of one piece, foreshadowing Kaidou’s eventual loss at Luffy’s hands.

Many believe that after defeating Kaidou, Monkey D. Luffy will be confronted by Blackbeard and his crew, who have already set sail for Onigashima, according to internet speculation. However,  in one piece’s upcoming chapter 1047 Kaidou’s enormous endurance and ability to attack in a number of ways may make beating him tough. At the end of Chapter 1045 of one piece, the huge sword at Onigashima begins to tremble as the entire island catches fire.

Despite the fact that Luffy has never slain any significant villains previously in one piece, Kaidou removed Orochi’s head with King’s sword in the previous chapter, which might be a foreshadowing that Luffy would take off Kaidou’s head in the following chapters. Luffy may soon transform into Joyboy and use his Nika talents to a larger extent since Zunesha could hear the Liberation drums is all that is predicted of one piece latest chapter 1047 till now. 


What is the Release Date for the upcoming Chapter 1047 of One Piece?

Beginning next week, One Piece Chapter 1047 will be unavailable. As a consequence, on April 24, 2022, Chapter 1047 will be issued. When their strength levels are similar, the last combat between Luffy and Kaidou (in their prime) will be fascinating to see.

Where can I get Chapter 1047 of One Piece?

‘Mangaplus’  The One Piece manga is available from both Shueisha and Viz Media. New episodes of the anime series such as chapter 1047 are published every Sunday on Funimation and another one is Crunchyroll for reading one piece chapter 1047. 

When do Viz’s One Piece chapters come out? 

Viz Media stated on Friday that new chapters of one piece of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine would henceforth be released on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. ET.

When does a new chapter of One Piece come out?

Overview of The manga One Piece was first serialized in the anthology magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. A new issue of Jump and then consequently a new chapter of One Piece is usually issued every week, as the title indicates.

What time will one piece chapter 1047 will release? 

It’s time for our international audience to see what one piece has been working on. Official English translations for the most recent chapter of one piece i.e. chapter 1047 will be available in the countries are Pacific Time at 9 AM on Sunday, Central Time at 11 AM on Sunday, Eastern Time at the Noon on Sunday, and British Time will be 5 PM on Sunday.

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