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Overnight Fame! A video goes viral of an uncle grooving to his favorite jam at an Indian wedding. 

To dance one’s heart out is been cherished by everyone here in the same context majority of us have witnessed someone let go of their inhibitions when dancing really hard, (taking it literally ‘heart out’) energetically, and enthusiastically. These events also make for intriguing watching when they are captured and put online. the man in this video shaking his legs to a well-known Bollywood tune. Share Ladkon Ki Kardo Shadii, from the movie Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin, is the song in question. 

Our digital universe is known to possess the power of making people go viral overnight, is this uncle one of those charming people? With crossing more than a hundred seventy thousand viewers on his video, we can surely say he is a hit! 

The user @udayku785 uploaded the video to Instagram, where it has received millions of views to date. Whereas the account user is not the same person as dancing in the wedding, which means the name and other information about the man is yet to be revealed. 

The man can be seen dancing at a wedding wearing basic pants, a shirt, and a sweater representing the current weather of New Delhi lighting up the room with his unrivaled enthusiasm in the viral footage. His fluid, energetic motions demonstrate that age does not determine one’s feeling of delight.

To our shock, we can observe his video having more than 179,000 people have liked the video, and the number is constantly growing. There surely is a reason for the Uncle dance video going viral, you can not help but watch this ‘a few seconds’ videos on repeat. People on the internet expressed their admiration for the man’s incredible dance abilities in the comment sections.

Everyone is admiring his dance in their own unique comments, well some are saying they are loving his adorable dance, whereas some people are representing their adoration in much of a funny manner, realizing how ‘confident’ or ‘over-confident’ the Uncle at his age is on his favorite jam coming over that he couldn’t stop his heart from fluttering nd dancing with immense joy. Isn’t that something all of us should do too? Well! The number of comments, likes, and views definitely say that the “energetic uncle” overnight is becoming the talk of the town.

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Shreya Minocha
Shreya Minocha
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