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Panda tries to escape from Beijing zoo! Internet left in splits!

When it comes to adorable animals and their cute gestures, we can never get enough of their videos? We often find many cute videos of animals, especially of pandas which always tend to have millions of hearts on the internet. People on the internet have always been proving that they are a huge fan of adorable animals and they cannot just get enough of them. Currently, a video is going crazy viral on the internet as it shows a giant panda’s attempts to escape its enclosure at the zoo. As per the reports, the panda is a resident of Beijing Zoo, and the name of the panda is Meng Lan. 

Talking about the cute animal, the panda got the attention of many people around the world. Also, not only that but the panda got a big draw among visitors becoming a huge internet sensation now. Thanks to the zoo which shared his footage along with that of his mate Dian Dian. The panda in the video is a six-year-old who again attracted attention when he scaled his enclosure’s railing by stepping on a red ball kept inside as a plaything and decoration. Now, the adorable giant panda was caught on the camera while “standing” on the top of a two-meter-high pillar. 

He reached thereafter scaling the fence but seemed unsure about where to go. All the people who were present at the zoo at that time seemed to be really excited visitors and kept filming him from outside too. Thankfully the panda did not get hurt, and his attempt to escape was unsuccessful. The workers of the Zoo arrived at the site very soon. Also, some present there helped to evacuate the visitors. Some others were busy luring the panda back into his enclosure with some of his favorite food of course. “Kung Fu Panda himself!” said one of the social media users on social media after watching the hilarious video that went viral on Weibo. Another social media user who came across the viral video clip said they were reminded about a time in 2016 when the panda tried to pull off a similar stunt as a baby.

The same panda had tried to sneak out from Chengdu base before being shifted to Beijing zoo. As per the official Weibo account of Beijing Zoo, Meng Lan was in the Panda Pavilion of the zoo. The panda played in the sports field for pandas and then was seen climbing into the buffer zone. The zone is completely isolated from visitors as per the China Daily report. The zoo also stated that the sports field will be upgraded to prevent any future incidents.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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