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Parker McCollum’s inspiring journey as a Pop singer & much more

Parker McCollum made his debut as an American pop singer in an album called ‘ The Limestone Kid ‘ which he is known for today. This album was in released on February 24, 2015. However, it wasn’t until 2017’s Probably Wrong : Session One and Session Two EPs, which both performed well on the Heatseekers list in anticipation of the artist’s second album, that they allowed him to break through to the Billboard charts. Parker McCollum’s net worth projected at $103 million net worth as of this writing is due to the combined popularity of his three studio albums and four EPs. In addition, McCollum is the owner of PYM Music, the record company through which he published his first two albums and first three extended plays.

Despite the fact that Parker McCollum’s CDs have largely been categorized as country and Americana, his music encompasses a variety of genres, including blues, roots rock, soul, and folk rock. He has cited Americana singer-songwriter, Ryan Bingham, as a major inspiration, and his work is frequently played on Americana radio stations in particular. Other stylistic inspirations include blues and folk musician Townes Van Zant, alternative country musician Ryan Adams, and blues/pop singer John Mayer.

Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter
Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter

Parker McCollum in his Early Years 

McCollum was born to Anderson and Ivy McCollum in Conroe, Texas. He has claimed that his family is incredibly diligent and grounded. Tyler McCollum, who also had a love of music but never pursued it like Parker did, served as some of Parker’s motivation.

In primary school, Mccollum participated in the school orchestra and learned how to play the violin. When he started creating songs at age 13, he began playing the guitar. By the age of 16, he was frequently performing at nearby places. Parker McCollum relocated to Austin to attend Texas State University after finishing high school.

Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter
Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter


Parker McCollum’s Career 

As famous as Parker McCollum is, so is the story of his rise to popularity among American singers from the very beginning of his childhood. Parker McCollum was exposed to a variety of country music styles as a child while growing up in Texas with a family. He played in the symphony at his primary school, and at age 13 he started learning the guitar. He started creating music, and in 2013 he released his debut EP. Years of touring around Texas culminated in Parker’s 2015 release of his debut record, The Limestone Kid. But once his EP, Probably Wrong : Session One, was released in 2017, he began to get more widespread acclaim. Two months later, Session Two was made available, and in November, the complete album was extremely popular and Parker McCollum was turned into an overnight sensation. 

Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter
Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter

Nine of the album’s eleven songs were written or co-written by McCollum, while two of the songs were written by members of his family. “Meet You in the Middle,” an original song by McCollum, was made available to Texas radio stations before the CD ever came out.

Parker McCollum, the American singer-songwriter

FAQs :

Who is Parker McCollum dating currently ?

In July 2021, Parker proposed to Hallie Ray Light, whom he had been seeing in 2019. Finally getting married in March 2022. However, there was a brief breakup between Parker and Hallie before the engagement.

How popular is Park McCollum as an American singer ?

Parker McCollum is indeed very popular among American singers. He was ranked among the most well-known country singers. Listed among the notable celebrities born in the US according to reliable sources. Every June 15, Parker McCollum celebrates his birthday. On June 27, 2019, McCollum inked a contract with Universal Music Group. “Pretty Heart,” his debut song for the label, was released.

How did Parker McCollum and Hallie Light first connect ?

The song’s backstory, according to McCollum, is “interesting,” and he said that before he and Hallie Ray Light started dating, a friend of his had told him about the young lady and urged them to meet up. 

Are Parker McCollum and Hallie Ray married ?

Parker McCollum is now lawfully wed to Haille Ray. The “To Be Loved By You” singer and current Academy of Country Music Awards New Male Artist of the Year wed Hallie Ray Light, who on Tuesday posted a beautiful wedding photo on Instagram.

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