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Parle-G barfi: Delhi-based food blogger shares new recipe!

Pandemic led to a series of new dishes which were created by experimenting with a mixture of many ingredients that were at home in order to fulfill the urge of having savory snacks and sweets at home.

This year has been really a hard year and as many couldn’t go out to have street food, they decided to make it at home. when many of their creations did not go well as per the plan and social media users completely hated that idea. There are also many dishes that people actually loved to try out and were happy with the results. The year may be coming to an end now, but people’s eagerness and urge to mix and match different ingredients to make their own versions of already existing dishes or making new dishes seems to not come to an end anytime soon. This year we have come across being disgusted by weird food creations like mirinda golgappa and Oreo ke pakode. Well, adding to the list of those weird food items, we have also seen many bizarre sweet dishes made by many people this year. To that list, one user has shared a dish called Parle-G barfi which is going viral on social media platforms. The video was initially shared on Instagram by a Delhi-based food blogger named, Karan Singhal. 

The weird recipe has now welcomed a huge number of comments from social media users around the globe. The video starts with Karan, the food blogger showing the recipe to make Parle-G barfi. The main ingredients that make the barfi are some biscuits, desi ghee, sugar, milk, and dry fruits. Well, the first step is to fry the biscuits in desi ghee. Then these fried biscuits are ground, and Karan makes a halwa-like mixture from the Parle-G biscuits. It is with the help of milk and a lot of sugar nothing comes to halwa consistency. 

This post is shared by Thefoodattacker (@thefoodattacker) on social media. The viral video clip has now got more than 71k likes and several reactions from social media users on the internet. The recipe has not only left the internet and clothes but also a  large section of the internet were totally disgusted. Many people said that this idea of making a savory-sweet dish with Parle-G biscuits has destroyed the entire concept of barfi.

Nevertheless, some other social media users who came across the recipe and the viral post stated in the comment section of the post that they really wanted to try it out and are excited to taste it. Barfi is one of the most loved Sweet dishes in India and the fact that adding Parle-G biscuits to it is something huge to do. So will you like Parle-G barfi?

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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