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Parrot records the whole neighborhood by flying away with the phone! Know about it!

Often we get to see many mind-blowing insane videos of birds and animals on the internet which always tend to leave us amazed. Such a clip is going very much viral right now on the internet and it has left many social media users in shock. In this video, a parrot got hold of a person’s phone and it flew away that swiftly as it could. 

Well, the coincidence in this video was the parrot took the video of the entire neighborhood while flying with the phone. The parrot had the phone and its claws and flew away. As the video progressed it ended up capturing a panoramic view of the entire neighborhood for almost a minute. The entire neighborhood got character in the video and you can see the rooftops of the houses along with the roads. It also stopped for a movement on the railing of a balcony but when some people called for it, it again flew away.

At the end of the video, you can see the bird perched above the car. Such a coincidence rarely happens and thus this video went instantly viral on the internet. Many social media users were amazed by the amazing view that was captured by the bird and also many were happy by the fact that the bird swiftly took the phone from someone to just capture this video. The viral video was initially uploaded by a Twitter user, Fred Schultz and since then it has been getting hundreds of views and likes on several social media platforms. 

It has also prompted several reactions from those who watched the video online. People could see an entire neighborhood from a bird’s eye and that is the main fact that made this video so insanely viral. The comment section of this video was filled with comments that kept praising the parrot for its effort to capture such an amazing video. Well getting a video that is like a bird’s eye view from a drone is something that we can do normally but a bird doing that work for you is something surely different and out of the world. In the video, we can see a person running behind a parrot as it takes the phone and flies away and Schultz wrote ” Parrot took the phone on a fantastic trip.” 

The video clip lasted for 1.49 minutes and you can also hear people calling out for the parrot in the entire video. Some social media users who already watched the video commented that the bird is nothing other than an eco-friendly drone. Some users also commented that the parrot might be domesticated whereas some say that it is just an animation video. However, the fact that this video can make your day is true and it is amazing to watch.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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