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Passengers sing and clap to comfort a child on the plane! The video goes viral!

It is great to know that social media platforms are always filled with so many sweet videos that make us smile. Well, one such one of the sweetest videos that you would have ever found in the entire history of the Internet will be very much wider. All the social media users who came across these videos speed run across the globe. Many people are in love with that and are showing love in the comment section of the post. Thankfully this sweet moment was caught on camera by a FlyDubai flight. As per the reports, passengers were flying to Tirana, the capital of Albania. 

The viral video:

Well, first, the video went viral on TikTok, but now it is spreading on several of the social media platforms as well. One of the most popular songs that are crazy among the children is Baby Shark’s popularity. Well, around the globe, so many people came around the popularity of this song, and it is not a secret. Now, this beautiful moment where the passengers of the entire plane joined together to sing the song is what is going crazy viral on the Internet. 

According to the sources, the passenger’s Vaseline in the song for soothing one of the babies on board. The viral Tik Tok video has taken many social media platforms by storm. The little boy was very upset and sad in the video. He was left in tears because of the flying experience. The passenger saw the little boy so upset and decided to calm him down with his father. So the joint together enforces to sing this kids’ anthem to soothe the baby. Well, the exciting fact is that these tricks worked. Talking about this amazing sweet moment, you will see the father moving about urgently swinging a little for his baby. He was holding another little boy and his arms.

Passengers singing to the baby:

 The father was trying his best to come for him. Soon later, the baby was not crying because of hearing the children’s popular song. The baby stopped to look at what was happening on the plane. The incident became the spotlight venna Dubai based travel blogger and a radio host who decided to catch this video and his camera. Yes, we are talking about Parikshit Balochi, who shared it on the famous video-sharing platform. While speaking to The National newspaper, Balochi spoke about the incident on a FlyDubai flight from Dubai to Tirana, the Albanian capital city. 

“First, people sitting around him were trying to distract him,” he stated. He also said that the child was crying a lot before they started singing the song. “But when this didn’t work, a group of guys—myself included—began singing Baby Shark, and more and more people joined in,” he added. When we can say that their hard work did pay them off as the baby stopped crying soon. Another testament to the South Korean creation, it became one of the biggest viral videos with 10 billion views in YouTube history. 

As the clip went viral, many social media users who came across the viral video clip were left amazed. Many were glad that strangers did not get mad because the baby was crying. However, they help them and their parents to soothe this crying baby. “Restored my faith in humanity,” wrote a social media user in the comment section of the post. The social media user also said that it is stressful for parents to fly with little children. “How were there so many kind humans on the plane all at once! I love this,” another social media user said about the video.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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