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People of Mizoram go viral after following the traffic rules perfectly!

Another amazing post that is very viral on the social media platforms that you must know about. It not only shocks social media users around the globe but also proves that something like this does exist even in this modern world. Well, netizens from the different regions who came across the post thought that this trend should actually be followed in real life. Also, many social media users hope that people actually follow this and make it a common phenomenon across the different regions. 

The viral picture:

As seen in the post you can actually see all the people waiting patiently in the traffic. Well, what we do not find very common is that people stay so silent and calm and heavily traffic police. Usually, many people get irritated and start blowing the horns on their vehicles. It is also its other people who actually can’t and it is complete chaos. Even if a working person wants to rush it, it always ends with an irritating traffic jam situation. However, this photo that is going very viral on social media platforms is completely different from the real-life scenario that you must be facing.

 You can see that actually, all the people are waiting patiently, following the rules perfectly. Yes, this photo as per the reports is from the mizoram where you can see people waiting so calmly following the rules that impressed many. Talking about the post you can actually see an undated picture where it is going so viral that it is taking the internet by storm. So there are so many cars and two-wheelers seen in the picture. All the rating patiently in a traffic jam. 

Why is the photo so famous?

Also not even a single driver in the picture is getting irritated for sure. Everyone is standing in a line waiting for their chance to come. All of the vehicle owners are seen trying to not cross the other side of the road. So the shocking thing is that the other side of the road is actually completely empty. Even though it is empty nobody is crossing it over and following the traffic rules effectively. This is what is shocking many social media users around the globe. The picture was initially shared by a Twitter user 

Sandeep Ahlawat. Well, this Twitter user who posted the photo, praised all the people seen in that picture. Surely is something to be happy for as nobody is upset and following the traffic rules to the utmost perfection. “I have seen this kind of discipline only in Mizoram. There are no fancy cars, no big egos, no road rage, no honking…. no one is in a tearing hurry,” Ahalawat stated. “There is calm and serenity all around,” he further added. Business tycoon Anand Mahindra also praised them all. He called the picture “inspirational”. Well, he tweeted: “What a terrific pic; Not even one vehicle straying over the road marker.” Another social media user replied to him stating, “Unbelievable credit must go to the state police to do maintaining that discipline. Great.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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