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Photographs by Tamil Nadu students  go viral after Apple CEO shares them!

Apple CEO is one of those famous personalities also on media platforms who is very much active. He keeps on amazing content from around the globe and people absolutely love it. Well he recently came up with an amazing post that is doing arounds on the Internet. Talking about it, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared the photographs on his official Twitter account. Talking about both the photographs, it was actually captured by school students from India. 

The amazing photos are now leaving many social media uses absolutely amazed. Tim Cook played off with this amazing moment which was captured by Tamilnadu students. Talking about the photos in one of the photographs you will get to see a vast also it looks absolutely Marvel is on the reflection on the water. There is this other photograph which shows children absolutely amazing and so pure that people are just so addicted to it. 

The viral pictures:

“Forty high school students from Tamil Nadu, India captured the vibrance of their communities on iPhone 13 mini. Now their work is featured in the student showcase at the historic Egmore Museum for the Chennai Photo Biennale,” Cook said while sharing the photographs on his official Twitter account. all the social media users who came across both the photographs are actually praising him for appreciating the talent of the children who got it on the camera. a social media user who came across the post by Tim Cook said, “Great callout!. These kids are talented photographers”.  

Another social media user commented on the post saying, “Unadulterated fun of childhood. I miss my childhood spent in India. The joys and smiles were real.” Talking about the pictures they are from an ongoing exhibition titled ‘A Land of Stories’ at Egmore Museum. It is happening in Chennai. This exhibition is also being happening at the Aptronix store. It is located in VR Mall, Chennai and ask for the reports it will be going on till April 17. 

The exhibition:

Other photos that are actually in this exhibition are from and by 15 Kendriya Vidyala students. They had a photography workshop and 25 students from the Chennai Photo Biennale Prism community and all were present. All the students actually conveyed the typical culture, architecture and landscape of Chennai through the photos. People of the state who have visited the exhibition are absolutely loving it. 

“This exhibition is a collective of their photographs that portrays Tamil Nadu and its stories through their lenses. The unfiltered vision of the students, and the endless stories of Tamil Nadu, come together and hope to strike a compelling narrative with the viewer,” said the Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation’s post while talking about the exhibition. well these features are getting sad on a very high range on social media platforms. Many social media users get to the comment section of the post to praise the students for their hard work.

 Also there are many other social media users who are in love the idea of coming up with an exhibition having all the work by students. Many pictures caught by the students portray the tradition and the rich culture of the state which is a very good idea to promote the state at a higher range.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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