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 A food joint in Osaka makes hit ramen noodles with ice- cream!

To the list of all the unusual extreme dishes found around the globe there is one more edition made and social media users are not happy about it. Especially the food lovers who came across this video absolutely hating this idea of even existing trying this. Well talking about the unusual days it is available for $10 and has initiated a huge debate online. We know that many people over the months have tried the different desert variations of instant noodles. 

Just like a Maggi they are also trying different other weird ingredients and combining them together to make a super supervard combination. Well it seems like that trend has spread across the globe and people are actually trying out weird recipes with unusual ingredients. talking about the viral video clip it is actually one more wizard food which is actually from Japan. 

The weird dish:

Combining the both the beautiful dishes of ice-cream and rame together makes totally a weird combination and people are mostly hating the idea. The strange dish consists of miso ramen served with soft ice-cream. A food joint which is located in Osaka called Franken came up with this dish. The short video shows us a blogger trying it out. The vidie by travel blogger Jesse Ogundiran shows the popular weird combo. The dish has a hot soupy dish with the cold dessert at a price. It is sold at a price range of “just $10”. 

Many social media users who came across the video are heating the recipe. In a Reel that was on Instagram, Ogundiran it shows that the dish is with a twin-flavored cone. The ice-cream of vanilla and chocolate is seen above the hot noodles. Well, according to the food blogger who said the video, the creaminess and sweetness of the ice-cream goes well with the dish. He states that both the ice cream balances the ramen’s spiciness and overall he actually likes the dish. 

The viral food video:

Talking about the unique meal it has got more than 3.5 million views on the internet. It also reminds of a sweet spice version of fanta Maggi that was sad a few months back. Many social media uses also hated that idea just like this one. Also there are many social media users who asked this food blogger whether he would try this again. While replying to the question he stated: “The ice cream tones down the spice from the soup giving it a mellow taste. I will def have it again!” well the comment section of the post states that many of the people are not actually up for this idea of having creamy hot noodles. 

Well there were also many food lovers who were fine with adding the vanilla ice cream to the hot soupy noodles. Also there were a few who didn’t like the idea of only having chocolate ice cream on it. There were also some food lovers who were giving about adding the bitter taste to the dish.  Someone said that it is a “great neutralizer”, with one adding: “Chocolate goes better with savory than you’d think.”

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Swetha Sivakumar
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