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Pinocchio : By Guillermo del Toro, Trailer, Cast, and Everything

Many people believe that Pinocchio is a classic children’s story. The Adventures of Pinocchio is an Italian novel by Carlo Collodi in 1883. Since its publication, the tale has undergone numerous stage and film adaptations, perhaps best known for Disney’s legendary 1940 animated musical adaptation.

In 2008, Guillermo Del Toro, whose movies are famous for combining aspects of horror with fairy tales, revealed that he was working on a “darker” Pinocchio version. No single character in history has had as deep a personal connection to me as Pinocchio, he claimed, adding that he has wanted to make this movie for as long as he can remember. He referred to it as his passion project.

Other details :

In addition to his 11 other feature films, such as Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, and Nightmare Alley, Del Toro will make his animation feature directorial debut with Pinocchio. In February 2012, he published several character concept paintings, including the likenesses of Pinocchio, Geppetto, The Talking Cricket, Mangiafuoco (the puppeteer), the Fox, and the Cat.

pinocchio by guillermo del toro
pinocchio by guillermo del toro

This film should not be confused with the Disney live-action adaptation, which starred Tom Hanks, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cynthia Erivo, and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the title character. On September 8th, 2022, the Disney+ adaption will debut.

The initial release date for Del Toro’s adaptation was either 2013 or 2014, but the endeavor was postponed. In 2017, it was revealed that the screenplay would also be co-written by Del Toro and Adventure Time’s Patrick McHale. Del Toro insisted that the film must be stop-motion, which increased the budget expenses and made it more challenging to secure financing from studios.

When Netflix purchased the production rights in 2018, they authorized Guillermo Del Toro. You can find out all the most recent information about the cast, trailer, scheduling, and development in this article.

Pinocchio Release date

This year’s limited theatre release of Pinocchio took place on November 9; the Netflix premiere happened in December. The current date for the Netflix release is December 9, 2022. The movie was screened at the AFI Fest in early November after receiving its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October.

The cast of Pinocchio  

This ensemble group is loaded with A-list talent. Gregory Mann will provide the voice of Pinocchio. He is best known for playing Young Eli in the 2018 movie The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. His third full-length movie will be this.

David Bradley will voice Geppetto. Bradley is best known for playing the lecherous Lord Walder Frey in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones and Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies.

 Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor will play the part of Sebastian J. Cricket. In the tale, he was never “given” by the Blue Fairy to be Pinnochio’s outward “conscience,” hence his personality will be very different from Jiminy Cricket from Disney. The Talking Cricket is another name for this character.

pinocchio by guillermo del toro
pinocchio by guillermo del toro

The cunning anthropomorphic fox from the Disney adaptation is after Count Volpe, who Christoph Waltz will voice. Volpe, Italian for “fox,” has never had a good impact on the young and sensitive Pinocchio. Waltz is well-known for playing villains, such as Col. Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino.

Other members :

Tilda Swinton will portray the Fairy with Turquoise Hair from Suspiria. Again, her persona in the book is distinct from Disney’s Blue Fairy. The Fairy with Turquoise hair occasionally appears during Pinocchio’s journeys to punish him for misbehaving rather than fulfilling Geppetto’s wish and promising to turn him into a real boy if he behaves. Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard will portray Candlewick. In the Disney version, his character was “Lampwick.” Still, the two characters are comparable in that they are both as troublemakers who befriend Pinocchio and lead him into dangerous situations.

The Podestà will be by Ron Perlman, who had to do work with Guillermo Del Toro on several movies, including Hellboy. Neither the novel nor the Disney adaptation makes any mention of this figure. The word itself is more of a title than a name because “Podestà” was the phrase to describe the head of the local administration in Italy during the Fascist era. Cate Blanchett’s new creation, Sprezzatura the Monkey, will also appear in this film. Even though the book features numerous animal characters, neither the novel nor the Disney adaptation mentions this particular character.

pinocchio by guillermo del toro
pinocchio by guillermo del toro

Other cast members include Burn Gorman, Tim Blake Nelson, John Turturro, and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Enola Holmes). Names of their personalities and what they do now are still unknown. Despite being saw for roles, Tom Waits (Seven Psychopaths), Christopher Walken (Severance), and Daniel Radcliffe (The Lost City) were ultimately over. As an executive producer, Radcliffe continued to work on the film.

The plot of Pinocchio  

A wooden marionette puppet that comes to life in the 1930s Fascist Italy dreams of becoming a real boy. Geppetto, his impoverished father and a woodcarver, sees Pinocchio as a replacement for his infant son, who passed tragically. Pinocchio runs into problems when he explores his environment because he is mischievous and unruly.

It’s easier to predict how much of a deviation from the novel or the Disney version this adaptation will have once we see it for ourselves because it’s been as a sinister and dismal rendering of the narrative. Since the characters from the novel are only sometimes in the Disney film in the same way, the cast section below should give you a better indication of what to anticipate.


On July 27, Netflix made the official teaser available. The trailer introduces Gepetto, Pinocchio, and a few other characters that Pinocchio encounters while on his adventures. Since then, a full-length trailer and a behind-the-scenes film with the director have also been released. The trailer is provided below.

FAQs :

Does Pinocchio appear on Netflix ?

In this breathtaking stop-motion musical narrative, Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro reimagines the traditional legend of a wooden puppet brought to life.

What does Pinocchio’s underlying message mean ?

Additionally, Disney made a single scene—in which Pinocchio’s nose enlarges after telling a lie—into the film’s central theme. So, the movie teaches that salvation is through courage, truthfulness, and listening to one’s conscience.

What kind of mental illness does Pinocchio possess ?

Pinocchio has the symptoms of an oppositional defiant disorder in children. He makes, then breaches, one commitment after another as he hangs around with some roughnecks, looks for excitement, and chases an easy existence, believing that he can achieve great success without trying.

What is Pinocchio’s life lesson ?

Despite his bad choices throughout the narrative, Pinocchio eventually understands his mistake. By protecting his father, he does the right thing and earns the right to grow up to be a genuine boy. So, this teaches us that it is never too late to act morally, no matter how many mistakes you make.


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