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Poker Face movie information, including release date, cast, and crew

Poker Face is a thriller film that Russell Crowe is directing and is not to be with Rian Johnson’s planned series of the same name (or Lady Gaga’s top single). Further raising the stakes is that the Gladiator actor co-wrote the movie’s script and stars in it. In the film “Poker Face,” Russell Crowe plays a tech millionaire who invites his buddies to his opulent mansion for a high-stakes poker game. But when a killer is seen prowling around the premises, an exciting gambling game turns fatal.

The list of well-known poker-based films is extensive and includes timeless works like Havana by Sydney Pollack, Maverick by Richard Donner, and Molly’s Game. Crowe’s latest thriller drama might also be to that list with its thrilling and high-tension plot. But we’ll have to wait and see.

While you wait for the movie, let’s go all in with this helpful guide to the plot, release date, trailer, cast, characters, and everything we currently know about Poker Face.

Poker Face Movie Release date

On October 16, 2022, Poker Face will have its international premiere at the 17th Rome Film Festival. On November 16, 2022, the movie will be out in theatres. A week after its theatrical debut on November 22, 2022, the drama-thriller film will also be available on VOD.

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The cast of Poker Face Movie  

In addition to Crowe, Liam Hemsworth, Brooke Satchwell, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Matt Nable, Daniel MacPherson, Paul Tassone, Elsa Pataky, RZA, and Jack Thompson also play diverse roles in Poker Face’s ensemble cast. Lynn Gilmartin, Addam Bramich, Jemima Quinn, Zack Grech, Oscar Mitchell, Dan Matteucci, Daniel Hardie, Molly Grace, and K Callan are on the list of cast members.

Crowe portrays the tech billionaire Jake Foley, who invites his buddies to a high-stakes poker tournament at his mansion. McKenzie plays an actress, while MacPherson shows Sam Levine, Billy Nable, Paul Bastoni, Allison Gilmartin, Victor Tassone, Styx Hardie, and Rebecca Grace.

The plot of Poker Face Movie  

“Increase your wins, decrease your losses, and play as long as possible.” Poker Face’s narrative is summarised in this final line of the trailer, which also makes a comparison between the game of life and poker. The narrative centers on 57-year-old computer entrepreneur and bettor Jake Foley, who holds a poker night at his opulent Miami house. He has invited his previous friends and acquaintances—each of whom, as we may surmise, has some connection to Jake—to his game. He wants his pals to experience the best night of their lives and win sums of money they could never have imagined. As implied by the official narrative and trailer, Jake Foley is not haphazardly arranging a poker night. It seems to have a specific objective that is more focused on his private life or background. He has been wronged by everyone somehow (which is the real secret).

Other details:

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To play, the players must divulge their personal information. Jake poisons his guests in return for the truth to ensure they complete the requirement. That’s not only to eliminate his rivals but also to execute justice. The reason for his actions, however, will be made clear in the film itself. The players consequently recognize that their stakes continually increase as the game progresses in terms of money and life. The players must deal with these unsettling events while the night goes wrong due to a home invasion.

The unexpected home invasion catches Jake and the visitors off guard, so they utilize their poker skills to try to catch and kill the attackers. But is it as easy as it seems? Or is it possible that Jake has far more at stake and to lose than what he appears to his pals to have? Could the secrets these individuals share to be connected to the house invasion? We’ll soon learn.


Poker Face’s official trailer was just published, and it looks rather exciting. A lot of secret narrative twists and revelations are at in the two-minute teaser, which centers on a cast of cunning characters—including the host—who may not be who they seem to be. Jake Foley, the presenter of the game, as well as his friends and visitors, are here. These people include characters portrayed by Liam Hemsworth, RZA, and Elsa Pataky, among others. The video makes it clear that Jake is not your typical gambler; instead, he thoroughly researches his rivals, including understanding their insider tips and tricks that can be utilized as bait (thanks to his tech business).

Although there is a lot of tension and gambling drama in the trailer, it is evident that the plot involves more than just a deranged gamer and a stressful game of poker. Or at least that is what we can infer from what we observe. As seen in the trailer, when the invaders sneak in and start fighting the players, there will undoubtedly be a lot of action.


How and where was Poker Face made?

One episode of the upcoming TV show “Poker Face” will be in Albuquerque. The New Mexico State Film Office has stated that primary photography will start in August. According to the film office, the TV series is ready to shoot for the Peacock streaming service.

The person in charge of Poker Face?

Rian Johnson is the creator of the upcoming American television series Poker Face, which will air on Peacock. It is a mystery comedy-drama “case of the week.” The series executive producer and actress is Natasha Lyonne. Peacock announced the series in March 2021, and Johnson would be directing.

What is the location of Poker Face?

Using Roku to stream. Streaming of the comedy-drama Poker Face, starring Josh Henry, Dustin Strong, and Lesa Wilson, is currently available. On your Roku device, watch it on HappyKids.

Who Are the Poker Face Cast Members?

Poker Face’s ensemble cast also stars Liam Hemsworth, Brooke Satchwell, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Matt Nable, Daniel MacPherson, Paul Tassone, Elsa Pataky, RZA, and Jack Thompson in a variety of roles, and is led by Russell Crowe.


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