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Popular brands join on ‘Meta’ jokes and it seems like Wendy’s has won the game!

Ever since the news of Facebook Inc changing its name spread on the internet, the netizens are left in a frenzy. People have already started reacting to the change of name and this has resulted in a huge level of discussion on social media platforms such as Twitter. While netizens are busy making memes on this sudden change, the popular brands have also not left their chance to do so. The brands indeed didn’t shy away from joining the fun and out of which Wendy’s have probably stolen the show.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he said the change will bring all of its different apps and technologies under one new brand. So many people are not so impressed with the choice of the name. The tech giant has also explained that rebranding is not just about the switch of the company name, but also a reflection of the company’s growing ambitions and the way they are focusing on a new area: metaverse. Despite this, netizens can’t stop themselves from poking fun at the change. The memes and jokes have started sparking online and netizens have also flooded Twitter with amazing and hilarious jokes while somewhere comparing the name with the food like pita and feta, other brands around the Globe also joked about the change of the name.

Zomato tweeted sarcastically, “ Pitched renaming our brand to zometa, but the idea was rejected at once.” While Swiggy made a tweet, “Thinking of changing our name to Methi.”

PayTM too didn’t lose a chance to joke as it tweeted a photo which reads, “kem naam ‘Meta’ rakhiyu, pan ‘Mehta’ nai?” and even Netflix joined the line by tweeting “Not trying to be too meta, but tweeting to let you know The Social Network is currently streaming.” 

Last but not the least, Wendy’s also joined the trend, but at the same time, also had a hilarious conversation with Meta. Wendy’s tweeted, “ Changing the name to Meat”, to which Meta replied hilariously, “Nice to Meat you, @Wendy’s”. Next, Wendy’s comes up with a reply which reads, “Never meta face we couldn’t book!” to which Meta replies, “Shoulda let that one cook a bit longer”. Wendy ends the conversation by saying, “Yeah, but you already announced it so here we are.”

Well, these brands will never leave a chance to join the trends and come up with amazing tweets, thus entertaining themselves and other netizens out there for sure!

While announcing the change Mark Zuckerberg said that this change will bring together different arts and technologies and it will not change its corporate structure. “Facebook is one of the most used products in the history of the world. It is an iconic social media brand, but increasingly it just doesn’t encompass anything we do.” Mark Zuckerberg said during the presentation of the new name. Further, speaking at the company’s live stream, virtual and augmented reality conference, Mark said that privacy and safety need to be built into the metaverse as the tech giant battles criticism from lawmakers and regulators over the market power, along with algorithmic decisions and the policing of abuse, on its platform.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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