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Will Netflix release Arcane Season 2 in 2022 ?

Arcane, a Netflix animated series launched in November 2021, soon gained popularity thanks to its engaging plot (and one hell of a cliffhanger ending).

It won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program in September 2022, so if you haven’t already, you should add it to your list of things to watch.

However, because you’re reading about season two, we’ll assume that you’ve already watched the first batch of episodes in their entirety and are excitedly awaiting the release of more. So, read ahead, as in this article you will find all the latest information regarding the upcoming season 2 of Arcane. We know you have been looking for the latest updates for Arcane season 2 for so long now. Thus read ahead!

You can find all the information you need about the show’s future here.

Arcane season 2 Release date

Although it has been announced that Arcane season two is coming, we do not yet know when it will return.

Netflix claimed that filming on the program started in November 2021, but nothing is happening at the right moment.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent claimed that the series’ first season took six years to make, but he promised in a tweet that the wait for a second season would be shorter.

However, a six-year process will be challenging to speed up, so please wait until at least 2023 before anticipating it (at the earliest)

Arcane Season 2

The cast of Arcane season 2  

The following season one voice cast member will undoubtedly return for the second season:

As Vi, here by Hailee Steinfeld, Katie Leung plays Caitlyn, while Ella Purnell plays Jinx (previously Powder). In the Marvel television series Hawkeye, which she has since starred in, Steinfeld debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Kate Bishop, a young aspirant superhero that Hawkeye takes under his wing. Additionally, she received accolades for her work in the play Dickinson, in which she played a young Emily Dickinson. Another gem was Ella Purnell, who earlier wowed audiences in Yellowjackets. Ella Purnell voices Jinx. Yee later continued, “We all know who she is in the game. After viewing a teaser from Arcane’s crew, fans think there might be an intriguing new addition to the series in the interim.

The most important part of the teaser comes at the very end, where Arcane fans are convinced they can hear League of Legends champion Warwick’s mechanical heartbeat, a part-werewolf, Part-machine who was subjected to research at scientist Singed’s lab and has no memory of his previous existence. The teaser contains no new scenes, just some dialogue.

There is currently no information on who would voice Warwick if he were to appear in season 2, but keep checking back for updates. 

Arcane season 2

The plot of Arcane season 2  

 The video game Arcane, created by Riot Games and centered in the League of Legends universe, tells the origin stories of individuals from the idealistic Piltover and the repressive Zaun, particularly the Jinx and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) sisters (Ella Purnell). 

The season one finale, which was unquestionably excellent, put the lives of Jayce, Mel, Viktor, Cassandra, Hoskel, Bolbok, Shoola, and Salo in danger.

However, this means they left many storylines unresolved for season two.

Since Silco has been killed, Zaun is without a leader, and it is unclear who could assume that position. Given that Vi is the adopted daughter of late Zaun leader Vander, she may have to take the lead. When Jinx pointed a rocket launcher at the Council building while people inside were voting to pass a bill giving Zaun independence at the end of the episode, she seriously disrupted proceedings. It’s uncertain whether anyone survived the explosion to prove that the independence vote had been successful, and her outraged conduct might lead to a clash between Piltover and Zaun.

Additionally, it seems unlikely that Jinx and her sister Vi will ever be reconciled. Vi initially wanted to negotiate with Jinx, but it can be challenging to go past witnessing your sibling launch a rocket at a packed building. 

It undoubtedly would. Shannon could even get to see the movie version of his aspirations.

The team confirmed that Caitlyn and Vi’s connection would be further explored during their BAFTAs speech.

Arcane season 2


Sadly, there is still no evidence of a trailer, but Bridging The Rift keeps us occupied each week until then !


Is there a season two of Arcane ?

While the precise day is uncertain, another season will undoubtedly bring it up. The show’s production started in November 2021. Therefore there is currently nothing to be exact but wait. According to Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent, the following season won’t take as long to produce as the first one, which took six years.

The release of Arcane season 2 in 2023 ?

Riot Games has assured fans that the second season’s workflow will be more uniform. As a result, it’s pretty improbable that Arcane Season 2 will debut after 2023.

In Arcane, Jinx is how old ?

In the first act of Arcane, Jinx is 11–12 years old, while in the second and third acts of the series, she is going to be 17–19 years old.

When did VI join Arcane ?

In the first act of Arcane, Vi is clearly between the ages of 14 and 16, and in the second and third acts, she is going to be between the ages of 20 and 23.

VI and Caitlyn together ?

The romance between Vi, a rebel from the undercity, is particularly captivating to fans, and Caitlyn, an enforcer from Piltover. Vi affectionately referred to Caitlyn as “Cupcake,” Although nothing romantic was ever apparent, there was chemistry between them.


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