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Prehistoric Planet : Who narrates the whole series ?

If you enjoy prehistoric worlds, such as dinosaur worlds, we have good news: whenever we hear about a prehistoric film, the first film that comes to mind is Jurassic Park. However, there is no such Jurassic Park film this time; instead, Apple TV+ has launched a new series called “Prehistoric Planet,” which will feature many new episodes every day from May 23 to May 27, witnessing the wonders of the prehistoric world. Now, Sir David Attenborough’s soothing British accent can guide you through the beautiful realm of dinosaurs, giving you shivers while also introducing a found soundtrack by fans Zimmer.

With executive producers Jon Favreau, Mike Gunton, and the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, they now travel back 66 million years along the water, direct, deserts, and many more in these new films. There’s also a new trailer that discloses such mysteries about the long-dead prehistoric creatures and shows off the top-tier effects that will bring them back to life and into your living room. We know that many people around the globe love to find out more mysteries about the prehistoric period.

The rich history of the world and the planet usually attracts many people. The different species that used to live on this planet way before humans even existed are amazing to know about. This show is undoubtedly made for you if you are someone who loves to talk about different creatures who are not living in this current world right now. Please read the article willow to get all the information about the upcoming show Prehistoric Planet. Get all the details regarding the show and what it will focus on. Also, get to see the narrator of the series and what you can expect from the upcoming Prehistoric Planet show.

Plot & Storyline of Prehistoric Planet

A world where the scaled creature begins to rule is also shown in the trailer. The audience has been introduced to two new Tyrannosaur species that have never been given the screen time that they deserve. Eastern China’s Qianzhousaurus Rex will also explain to viewers how it earned the nickname “Pinocchio Rex,” much as a small tyrannosaur known as the Nanuqsauaraus will flaunt such qualities that have allowed it to survive and thrive in the harsh Alaskan climate. The Tyrannosaurs Rex will also excite the audience by demonstrating its swimming abilities. Despite their tiny arms, the Kings and Queens of the dinosaur world could hold their own in the sea and propel themselves with their gigantic theoretical feet.

Pterodactyls, Triceratops, and Velocirfraptors were among the dinosaurs that could have been put into the video, displaying their might and ferocity. The latter is also presented in full glory as feathery beats with such keen claws, albeit the size of an adult turkey. It doesn’t matter since we don’t want one of them pursuing us down because they have qualities we’ve never seen before, stomping and stalking over in their natural environments.

Trailer of Prehistoric Planet

Prehistoric Planet claims to reveal the extinct monsters as they have never been seen before, making it suitable for both children and adults. Fans of Planet Earth will feel right at home with Attenbourgh’s voice guiding them through a time when dinosaurs walked the earth and based on the names that are also supporting the film. We can regrettably assume that we are in for an informative and visually spectacular documentary. Prehistoric Planet’s magic and magnificence may now be experienced in the video and poster below.

Release date of Prehistoric Planet

Prehistoric Planet is a five-part dinosaur adn creatures based environmental documentary television series that will launch on Apple TV+ on May 23, 2022. The narration is by natural historian David Attenborough. The production is by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit with visual effects by Moving Picture Company. 

The film follows dinosaurs that lived 66 million years ago. They reconstructed using computer-generated graphics. Its goal was to portray dinosaurs based on current palaeontological studies, such as feathered dinosaurs. The series’ soundtrack was by Hans Zimmer. It’s the BBC’s first major dinosaur documentary series. It is since 2011’s Planet Dinosaur and the third overall (the first was Walking with Dinosaurs in 1999).

Reviews of Prehistoric Planet

The breathtaking teaser depicts a world ruled by these scaled animals. Viewers will be getting a chance to see two new Tyrannosaur species. It has have never received the attention they deserve on the big screen. The Qianzhousaurus Rex from eastern China. It will demonstrate how it earned the nickname “Pinocchio Rex,” while a small tyrannosaur known as the Nanuqsaurus. It will display the feathers that allowed it to survive and thrive in the harsh Alaskan climate. Even the Tyrannosaurus Rex will enthrall audiences by demonstrating its swimming abilities. That’s correct. Despite their small arms, the dinosaur Kings and Queens could hold their own in the water, propelling themselves with their massive feet.

Pterodactyls, Triceratops, and Velociraptors, the latter of which is present in full beauty as animals with feathers and with sharp claws. Despite the size of an adult turkey, were among the other dinosaurs we could spot in the teaser. It is displaying their might and ferocity. We wouldn’t want one of them pursuing us down, regardless of their size! There are also unknown monsters pounding and stalking in their native habitats. Prehistoric Planet, suitable for both children and adults, promises to reveal prehistoric monsters in a new light. With Attenborough’s voice taking visitors through a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Fans of Planet Earth will feel right at home and judging by the names behind the production of Prehistoric Planet. We should expect an informative and visually gorgeous documentary.

In the trailer and poster below, you can experience the magic and majesty of Prehistoric Planet. But be careful not to be trampled by the subject matter.

Cast & Crew of Prehistoric Planet

The David Attenborough-narrated nature documentary series depicts numerous prehistoric species, including dinosaurs, and explains how they lived, reproduced, and co-existed.

FAQs – Prehistoric Planet

a. Where to watch Prehistoric Planet?

You can watch the Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+

b. Who narrates Prehistoric Planet?

David Attenborough narrates the Prehistoric Planet.

c. What will Prehistoric Planet feature?

Prehistoric Planet will feature everything that you should know about dinosaurs.

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