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Rahul Gandhi dedicates a special message for Priyanka Gandhi on Raksha Bandhan

On the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan which was on August 22, Sunday, many famous personalities have posted very cute pics with their siblings and also have sad messages about how important their siblings are in their life. Raksha Bandhan is always a special woman for every sibling out there. So on this special day, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also shared his love for his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in a very cute way.

On Sunday, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Rahul Gandhi wished his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and also shared some cute throwback pictures of him with his sister on his social media platform. As he shared these cute pictures, he also captioned and shared how Priyanka Gandhi Vadra holds a special place in his heart and in his life. Rahul Gandhi also shared how he and his sister play a role of a friend and also as a protector in their life. He captioned the post in Hindi as “there is a special place in my life for my sister. We are not only friends but also protect us of each other

In a while, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also said her post on Instagram stories and replied to it with a heart emoji. And later she also shared a cute picture of their childhood, in which Rahul Gandhi was sitting on the lap of Priyanka and Priyanka was holding him. And also their father, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was also seen sitting beside them in their throwback picture. She also tweeted “best wishes for Raksha Bandhan. Happy Raksha Bandhan to all you brothers and sisters out there.. may you always look out for each other, love each other and make each other laugh as much as we do”. Well so live we have to say that the brother-sister duo shares a great bond with each other and love each other.

As Rahul and Priyanka share a good bond, well it seems that they both love to share their love and express it on social media. In the 2019 Lok sabha elections campaigning, the cute incident also happened where the brother-sister duo bumped into each other at Kanpur airport and they were also on display. The video was initially shared on Rahul Gandhi Facebook page, and he captioned it “It was nice meeting Priyanka at Kanpur airport! We are headed to different meetings in UP.” The video featured Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi and they were standing with their arms on each other’s shoulders talking to a camera. The video was surely very cute and the Rahul Gandhi in that video says let me tell you what it means to be a good brother. What it means is that I am doing this massive long flight and I am going in a little helicopter squeezed up. And she is doing short flights and going in a big helicopter”, as he said this in the video Priyanka Gandhi was laughing and she also continued to say that it was not true. Well at last Rahul Gandhi shared his love by saying But, I love her“. Later they also posed for some photographs along with the pilot and along with some staff

Raksha Bandhan is a special festival where the siblings share their love with each other and express it. Many famous personalities on Sunday shared a lot of photos with their siblings and also shared sweet messages for them, describing the importance of their siblings in their life. All the movements which Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have shared with each other and went viral on social media tell us the strong bond and love they share with each other.



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