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Read all the information we have about Harold and the Purple Crayon! Date, storyline, and more

Soon, a movie based on the book Harold and the Purple Crayon will be released. Early next year, Sony and Columbia will release the much-loved children’s book series as a movie.

The film had a challenging route to completion and was released approximately 70 years after the original novel. Initial planning started in 1992, but behind-the-scenes concerns caused it to be shelved by 1994. A new CGI movie was reportedly in production by 2010. However, that news has since faded, and there have been no updates for a while.

It was officially announced that a live-action movie was finally in the works in early 2021, and production got underway in early 2022. Let’s examine what is known now that Harold and the Purple Crayon is reportedly getting a movie version. Who is among the cast lined up? How closely will the storyline adhere to the novels, and what will the plot entail? When and where will the movie be released? What else about the movie Harold and the Purple Crayon should viewers be aware of?

The Harold and the Purple Crayon Release date

On January 27, 2023, Sony Pictures is currently scheduled to release Harold and the Purple Crayon in theatres. Harold and the Purple Crayon has already been adapted for several other media, even though it has only been 68 years since the novel was turned into a motion picture. 13 episodes of an animated TV show of the same name aired on HBO between 2001 and 2002. Each episode featured Harold utilizing his purple crayon to discover a new world and gain valuable life lessons. 

A 1959 animated short film adaptation of the first book in the series lasted seven minutes. In 1971 and 1974, animated shorts based on subsequent volumes were released. Over the years, the series has also been stage-adapted. A new Broadway adaptation of Harold and the Purple Crayon, with original music by the band AJR, is currently under development as of March 2022. The main character, Harold, will be an adult who must deal with challenges in the real world without the assistance of his crayon. It’s not yet apparent if or how the musical’s plot will relate to the new movie.

The cast of The Harold and the Purple Crayon 

Despite the mystery surrounding the plot, an all-star ensemble has already been assembled for the movie. None of the cast members who have been announced, though, have official storylines or roles. Zachary Levi, star of Shazam!, will likely not play the titular Harold but will instead play a prominent part. (Who knows, Levi might portray an adult Harold if he follows his Shazam! Course.

In addition to Levi, the movie will also star actors and comedians like Zooey Deschanel from New Girl and Lil Rel Howery. Other cast members include the actresses Ravi Patel and Camille Guaty, Tanya Reynolds from Sex Education, and Pete Gardner from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

All of the cast members are listed below, as of this writing. As we get closer to the release date, more details regarding their roles and new casting announcements will probably be released.

The plot of The Harold and the Purple Crayon 

We don’t yet have much information regarding the film’s plot or how closely it will resemble the book series’. The plots of the books are, at their essence, extremely straightforward. Four-year-old Harold has a magical purple crayon, and he can draw anything he wants with that magical crayon, and it will come to life.

Harold sketches the moon with the crayon after observing that it is not out while out for a nighttime stroll. He keeps drawing from his imagination as he continues his crayon explorations before going back to bed in safety. Although this is the first book’s central narrative, several others were written due to its popularity.

The movie will probably keep the significant ideas from the book series while expanding the plot to a more extensive scope appropriate for a motion picture. Notably, the storyline of the abandoned CGI movie would have followed Harold as he comes to terms with the selfishness of his crayon use. Then he utilizes it to assist his friends, family, and especially his parents with their needs.

Although it is unknown if the live-action movie would use any of this premise, because it has already been developed, the tale could be developed further for the new film. In any event, all we can do is wait for more story details to surface, most likely in the months before the film’s premiere.


The movie’s trailer or teaser will is not out yet.


What are Harold and the Purple Crayon’s story?

A young boy named Harold always has his purple crayon with him. The narrative follows Harold as he strolls around a setting he engages with, and Harold utilizes his purple crayon to find solutions to issues he runs into while out for a stroll.

What’s the resolution of Harold and the Purple Crayon?

Result: Spoiler alert? Harold remembers that the moon is always visible from his bedroom window, so he makes a window around the moon, makes a purple bed for himself, and then drifts off to sleep. He’s at home.

The youngster with the purple crayon is who?

Harold, the main character, is a wise four-year-old kid who, using his purple crayon, can instantly sketch a whole new world. Harold draws a moon because he wants to stroll in the moonlight, but there isn’t any.

What lesson is imparted in Harold and the Purple Crayon?

Understanding reality is the main topic of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Since “reality” is a very nebulous concept, talking about it will engage the kids in an entertaining and lively topsy-turvy debate about what it means to be accurate and how to endow things with reality.

In what location is Harold and the Purple Crayon being filmed?

Both Lil Rel Howery and Zooey Deschanel were named as cast members. Filming happened in the Atlanta, Georgia, area at the beginning of 2022. The plot and the characters that the performers play have not been extensively revealed.

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