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Read how this man makes an automatic golgappa machine!

This world is full of technology and people are quite dependent on the use of technology, as it makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Well, for this covid-19 pandemic too, people relied on the technology and thus, the work from home format was discovered. Technology has been widely used in all fields, even in the food industry. Well, you may know that in the food industry, technology plays a vital role. Now, there’s hardly anyone who does not know or like golgappa. These crispy balls filled with tangy water have many fans. Most of us have preferred golgappe wale bhaiya who sits at a special corner and makes the best and tasty varieties of these snacks. If you are wondering why technology and golgappa talk is going on here, then let us ask you a question. What if your favourite bhaiya is replaced by a robot? Shocking right? Well you won’t be shocked ever again after watching this video of a contactless golgappa vending machine made completely in India. Vending machine? That too panipuri? Unexpected right!

Initially the video was shared on YouTube by food blogger Vishal. The video shows a shiny yellow vending machine on a street in Delhi and the recording goes on further to show Govind. Govind is the creator of the machine, and surprisingly, he is also a robotics engineer. Govind explains the golgappa machine’s functions. Further he also says that it is completely made in India. This special golgappa vending machine is winning the internet, and in addition to this, it is made with a special cloud technology. The golgappa from the vending machine is priced at Rs 20. Now the machine churns out a perfectly packed box of golgappas after the customer has scanned the QR code displayed on the machine and paid the amount. And what about the tangy water, you may ask? Well, leave it on the vending machine, as you may have four different flavours of water that are dispensed from chutneys attached in front of the machine. And if you think that the vending machine revolves around panipuri, well, that’s not true! The vending machine will also provide spicy vada pav at just rupees 21. Amazing isn’t it!

The video has gone viral on the internet, and this is something which seems new in India. The netizens have praised and lauded the creator for inventing such a great vending machine. This amazing video of the automatic golgappa machine has gained over 779 K views and along with it has also gained multiple reactions from netizens all around. Many netizens shared that they were eager and excited to try out golgappas which will be served by this vending machine and the robot. While on the other hand, many netizens focus on the mechanism of the vending machine and wonder how it may work and do they also appreciate the use of technology.

“Really inspiring with respect to 10 Technology artificial intelligence and Machine learning,”said one YouTube user. While the other user wrote, “look how happy he looks while talking about his invention!” 

Many netizens said that they are happy to see the use of technology in such an amazing way that it may help people all around. All these types of vending machines may sound to be an amazing use of Technology but at the same time it also helps to maintain a more hygienic environment. And thus, this became the reason that netizens loved this new idea and this new invention.



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