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Read the full article to know 7 smart keyboard hacks that can save your time?

Are you stuck in an application that isn’t responding? Anyone who uses Windows knows that the escape key combination is Ctrl + Alt + Delete, or Command + Option + Esc on a Mac. When you’re in the middle of something crucial, programs frequently become unresponsive.
Take action if this occurs regularly. When your computer crashes or becomes unresponsive, tap or click for instructions.
On Windows, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V are two other popular keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting. That’s Command + C and Command + V on a Mac.

Alter the open windows.

You rarely have just one window open on your computer because most of us multitask. Assume you’re using your email client, a browser with multiple tabs, a chat program, and Excel.
To switch between applications, go to your computer’s dock or use a few keystrokes to quickly cycle through them.
• On a PC, press Ctrl + Alt + Tab to switch between open windows.
• On a Mac, press Command + Tab to switch between open windows.

Quickly lock your computer

When you leave your computer unattended, you should turn it off or lock it. You can do that without going through the menus on your computer.
• On a PC, press Windows + L to lock the screen.
• On a Mac, use Ctrl + Command + Q to lock your screen.
Make certain that the password you select is both strong and secure. There are no birthdays or “password1” in this group.

Take a screenshot of your computer screen.

You might want to save simply a section of a webpage, a photo, or whatever is already on your screen from time to time. It’s quite simple once you figure out the crucial combination to make the magic happen.
• On a PC, press Windows + Shift + S to take a screenshot.
• On a Mac, press Shift + Command + 4 to take a screenshot.
Your clipboard will be saved with the screenshot. Select Paste in a program like Word, Paint, or Preview. The screenshot can then be edited and saved to your preferred location.

Zoom in

Zoom is available to assist you whether your eyesight isn’t what it used to be or you want to see anything on your screen in more detail. I’ll present you with two possibilities. Ctrl + scroll your mouse if you have a mouse with a wheel connected to your PC. Zoom in by scrolling the wheel up, and zoom out by scrolling the wheel down.

To use your keyboard:
• Windows: To zoom in, use Windows key + plus sign (+); to zoom out, press Windows key + minus sign (-).
• Mac: To zoom in, press Option + Command + equals sign (=); to zoom out, press Option + Command + minus sign (-).

Paste the content without the formatting

Here’s a handy keyboard shortcut that I use frequently: Add the shift key to Ctrl + V to paste text instead of just Ctrl + V. This will paste the text you copied while removing any formatting. Your text will match everything else if you paste it into a document. It’s quite useful.
• On a Windows computer, press Ctrl + Shift + V.
• Press Option + Command + Shift + V on a Mac.

Check your download history quickly

Do you want to check what your web browser has downloaded? Maybe you’re looking for a file you found a few days ago, or you forgot to store anything in a more permanent location.
• Press Ctrl + J on a Windows PC.
• Press Command + Option + L on a Mac.

Create a virtual desktop on your computer

Virtual desktops can help you keep track of things if you use many apps at the same time or use your computer for multiple jobs. You can work on your computer while playing a game on a virtual desktop, for example. Alternatively, you can utilise one desktop to open windows and apps for one job, such as video editing, while the second desktop is used for photo editing.
• On a PC, press Windows + Ctrl + D to create a virtual desktop.
• On a Mac, press Control + up arrow to establish a virtual desktop.



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