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The bride marries in a pink pantsuit, and it was entirely unplanned!

A bride is currently going viral on the Internet after using a completely different yet unique bridal dress. She went for a Pink pantsuit, and the fact that it was unplanned to have such an outfit on her big day shocked people. According to the reports, the now-famous wedding outfit set as a trend by the bride was not what she initially went for. This 24-year-old newlywed posted several pictures of herself on Tiktok. She decided to purchase this pink wedding pantsuit on her big day at the last moment. 

Super cool wedding dress!

This was because the original bridal dress she decided to wear got spoiled. So she had to replace that with new pants that are now setting a completely new trend. Luise Jäsche is a music student and model, and she is the newlywed from Germany who is now making it to the headlines. She posted a pink pants suit picture on Tik Tok back on February 14. However, it is going wildly viral currently, and the caption along with the photos was, “Let’s get married but make it fun!” 

We can see a slideshow of all the pictures taken from the Berlin wedding. The ceremony was conducted back in August 2021. You will get to see the beautiful bride Jäsche wearing a pink suit, and she accessorized it with a white headband instead of a traditional white wedding gown and veil. Talking about the Tik Tok video, it has more than 1.6 million views right now. Also, the video has more than 700 comments on the comment section. People from around the globe who came across the media and the amazing styling done by the bride are now praising her. 

How did people react to it?

All so many people love the outfit completely. One of the comments that got more than 1200 likes stated, “Now all I want is a pink suit and headband,” and another said, “Love the pink suit instead of a white dress.”As per Jäsche plan, she wanted to wear a traditional white wedding gown on her big day. While speaking to the insider, she stated that she had a short white dress. However, many things happened, and a series of Misfortune led to spoiling the dress. It all started the night before the actual wedding, and she canceled her plans.

 Due to a rainy forecast, she also had to move her wedding indoors and the celebrations. Later she came to know that her wedding dress was stained full stop; however, she did not prefer to tell what was the reason that stained her gown. Jäsche stated, “I was laughing so hard because everything just went wrong, even though I had it all planned. My maid of honor was with me, so we went to the nearest mall for one hour to find something to wear. And it was so funny, we went into the first store, and I saw this pink suit. I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect. That is some.'” 

Zara’s last piece!

Jäsche said the pink suit, which was of in Zara, was the last piece. Later, Zara confirmed the case was one of their designs from previous seasons. Many social media users thought that the outfit was so cool. “I think it’s so cool that people are saying such nice things because you don’t see these unconventional weddings online,” Jäsche said, adding that, “I want people to know it’s okay to wear whatever you want because it’s your day. I enjoyed it, and I don’t regret it at all.” Another surprising thing at the wedding was her husband taking her last name. Benjamin took her last name as he has a “really good relationship” with her family. 

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Sneha Sivakumar
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