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Read to know about Amazon Prime’s Prime Day 2022?

One of the most significant days of the year for online shopping is Prime Day. Beginning on Tuesday, July 12, the two-day sale will offer some of the lowest prices on household necessities, high-end technology, and a lot more.

Amazon Prime enables you to receive first dibs on the year’s top discounts and other amazing perks if you want to get in on the fun. This transaction is just the beginning. Receive offers every Sunday through Friday by subscribing to Reviewed’s Perks and Rec newsletter.

While free, quick shipping on thousands of items across all categories is the main perk of an Amazon Prime membership, there are many other advantages as well.

What is Amazon Prime?

You can join Amazon Prime on a monthly or annual basis, and both options come with a host of benefits like free shipping and access to exclusive offers. You can sign up or cancel the no-strings-attached membership at any time during the allotted interval to avoid being charged (the window runs before the following month for a monthly subscription and before the term year ends for an annual one). So long as you choose to pay month to month, there is no commitment.

The price of Amazon Prime?

The price of Amazon Prime, plus taxes, is $14.99 per month or $139 per year (or $11.58 per month). For people who don’t want to commit long-term or who only want to use Amazon Prime occasionally, such as over the summer or around the holidays, the monthly plan is perfect.

Locking in for the entire year saves you $40.88 overall, making it a better choice if you want to be able to order whenever you want and benefit from the daily lightning and special deals and discounts that appear.

You can take advantage of the first month being free with this link to familiarise yourself with the advantages before deciding.

Amazon Prime: Is it worth it?

Even though free delivery is what most customers choose Prime for, it’s just one of the numerous advantages that come with membership, including:

•             Free, often 2-day shipment (and next-day delivery on certain items)

•             Regular supply of home goods like toilet paper or detergent

•             Daily specials (we enjoy assisting you with those!)

•             First-rate entertainment.

In the event that you use Prime’s entertainment features, your financial situation will improve. Among these are television shows and movies with Prime Video, books with Kindle, music with Amazon Music, and video games with Twitch.

You’ll pay $8.99 per month for an Amazon Prime Video subscription on its own. There is no longer any guilt associated with paying every month even if you only occasionally watch a movie or a show because Prime members automatically receive this service.

How can I become a member of Amazon Prime?

Visit the main Amazon Prime website, select “Try Prime Free,” and then follow the on-screen directions. For those who don’t already have one, creating an Amazon account is simple and is required before you can sign up for Prime.

Visit Amazon, create an account using your information, and then add Prime to start the 30-day trial and start shopping.

What advantages come with being a member of Amazon Prime?

Prime Video on Amazon?

With a Prime membership, you have free access to Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers have access to a huge library of movies and TV shows on Amazon, including thousands of options for both network and original programming.

You could occasionally need a separate third-party subscription to a network like Showtime, Cinemax, or PBS in order to see particular movies. With the Amazon Prime app or any TV with an HDMI port and a streaming stick like the Amazon Fire TV Stick ($39.99) or the Roku Streaming Stick ($46.73), you can watch Amazon Prime Video from a computer, smartphone, or smart TV. Amazon Prime Video alone costs $8.99 a month to subscribe to.

Amazon Music?

A Prime membership also grants you access to Amazon Music, where you can stream more than two million songs without interruptions from your home or while on the road. The tunes can be played wirelessly from a mobile device while traveling or through a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo Dot ($39.99) at home. For $8.99 per month for Prime members and $9.99 per month for non-members, you can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, which gives you access to more than 75 million songs.

Even more of a motivation to sign up for Amazon Prime is the fact that Prime members can currently get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free.

Amazon Kindle?

Additionally, members of Amazon Prime have exclusive access to over a thousand Kindle ebooks, magazines, comics, and even books with Audible narrators. Each month, Prime members have access to a changing selection of free eBooks.

You may read the eBook on a computer, a smartphone, or an e-reader like the $89.99 Amazon Kindle.

Twitch access?

When you join Twitch and are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a wide variety of games for no cost, as well as a free monthly subscription to a Twitch channel and many more advantages with Prime Gaming.

Two-day delivery?

You can enjoy quick and free shipping on hundreds of items, including toys, electronics, apparel, groceries, and more, when you have Amazon Prime. The item is eligible as long as it bears the “Prime” icon next to the listing.

Additionally, you may filter searches to display Prime items that can be delivered soon, frequently the following day depending on when you place the order, and occasionally even the same day depending on the product, seller, and location. Where available, Amazon Prime also offers the option to plan in-home or even in-car deliveries via the Amazon Key app and a connected vehicle.

Try first, then buy with prime?

Customers who are fashion-conscious may find the Amazon Prime Try before You Buy feature to be extremely valuable. You have the option to try on clothing through the service before you purchase it. Up to eight suitable products may be chosen, tried on once the shipment is delivered, and only the items you decide to keep are charged. Amazon’s free return policy is applicable to everything else.

Shopping with Alexa?

Alexa Shopping, another benefit of Amazon Prime, enables you to add things to your virtual shopping cart by simply telling a compatible Alexa-enabled smart speaker to do so. Saying “Alexa, add milk to my shopping list” will, for instance, add the item to the checkout in the account associated with the device.

You may ask Alexa to reorder laundry detergent, for example, so you can go shopping as soon as you realize you’re running low and ensure that necessary things arrive before you forget to add them to a list.

Special discounts?

There are numerous sales and promotions available to Amazon Prime members all year long. Amazon Prime Day is the most notable and creates news. Deep discounts are available in all categories during the two-day shopping event.

The sale often offers some of the finest deals of the year on top-selling items as well as some of the lowest prices of the year. Only Amazon Prime members can take advantage of this massive sale. In the meanwhile, Whole Foods Market offers exclusive discounts to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Give you many Discounts?

Members of Amazon Prime also receive a 20% discount on items like baby food and diapers in addition to special promotion days. When you perform a search for an item, you will see the usual price as well as any discounts or additional savings that come with Prime.

Are available discounts for members?

You could be eligible for a discount on an Amazon Prime membership in a number of different ways. Student pricing is reduced to just $7.49 per month after an extended six-month free trial period. Additionally, they are eligible for special discounts, such as the first year of Showtime or Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 a month (granting access to more than 75 million songs), a two-month free trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited (granting access to a selection of books and texts), and free food delivery from Grubhub for orders of $12 or more.

You might also be qualified for a lower monthly fee of $6.99 and a typical 30-day trial if you have an EBT card or other acceptable government assistance proof.ou have to give, they will come right to you.

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