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Release information, cast, and other details for Kindred

The protagonist of the long-awaited television version of the 1979 novel by Hugo Award-winning science fiction author Octavia E. Butler with the same name, Kindred, finds that there is no escaping from the past. Young Black writer Dana James and her husband, Kevin Franklin, go to Los Angeles in this sci-fi drama series. Dana experiences dizzy periods that bring her back into pre-Civil War America, when slavery was still in use, while she tries to settle into her promising new life.

Even more mysterious is the distinction between how time moves in the past and the present. Because of how swiftly time passes in history, an experience that took many hours back then might take a minute. Showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins has stated that he is eager to depict this intricacy on screen. She “lives both in the past and the present at various speeds.” Additionally, her prior experiences have changed her, so returning home becomes more difficult the longer she remains there.

Kindred Release date

Start binge-watching Kindred on December 13th, 2022. The entire run of the eight episodes will be made available at once. Kindred, an FX and Protozoa Pictures production, will only be available on Hulu. Hulu’s subscriptions range from $7.99 to $14.99 a month, depending on whether they include advertisements.

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The cast of Kindred  

Actress Mallori Johnson plays Dana. Johnson, still relatively unknown, played Bea in WeCrashed and will play Ellie in the upcoming comedy-drama The Other Zoe. Micah Stock, arguably best remembered for his performance as Deke Slayton in The Right Stuff, plays Dana’s husband, Kevin. Ryan Kwanten (Glorious) as Thomas Weylin, Gayle Rankin (GLOW) as his wife Margaret Weylin, and David Alexander Kaplan (Stranger Things) as the small kid Rufus are some of the southern characters who Dana encounters in the past (and who appear to be connected to her destiny).

The cast is completed by Austin Smith, Sophina Brown, and Sheria Irving. Obie Award-winning writer Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is a kindred showrunner. His earlier plays Gloria and Everybody, were no less than Pulitzer Prize finalists. Jacobs-Jenkins, dubbed “one of our country’s most unique and enlightening authors” by The New York Times, is well recognized for examining themes of class and race via a historical lens. His television credits include Outer Range on Prime Video and the HBO Watchmen series.

Along with fellow powerhouses Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel of Protozoa Pictures, The Americans showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, Courtney Lee-Mitchell, and Julian Jackson, Jacobs-Jenkins executive produces Kindred. The pilot was produced by Janicza Bravo, who also directed Zola. Alonso Alvarez and Matthew Shire are the project’s co-executive producers and writers. The project bears the writing and co-executive producer credits of Matthew Shire, and the director and producer credits go to Alonso Alvarez. Ernestine Walker and co-executive producer Amanda Marsalis are additional producers (executive producer). Cybel Martin and Anka Malatynska handled the series’ cinematography. Use this link to learn more about the crew.

The plot of Kindred  

Kindred -2

.The following is the official synopsis:

Dana, a young Black woman, and aspiring writer, find herself being pushed back and forth in time as she settles into her new house and finds herself at a nineteenth-century plantation, where she must face truths she didn’t know ran in her veins.

Fans of the 1979 book Kindred by Octavia E. Butler can now eagerly anticipate its adaptation because the source material contains enough character nuance and thrills to sustain a series. This is the ideal introduction for viewers unfamiliar with Butler’s work. Until her untimely passing in 2006 at age 58, Butler was the first science fiction author to win the MacArthur “genius” Grant and one of the first African Americans to achieve fame as a science fiction author. She leaves a vast collection of stories behind, many of which are ready for adaptation. In addition to this series, A24 is developing a film version of Parable of the Sower with Garrett Bradley (Time) directing, and HBO is turning Butler’s vampire novel Fledgling into a series with executive producers Issa Rae and J.J. Abrams.


In the first scene of the trailer, a white child is drowning in the river, and a perplexed Dana from the present finds herself mysteriously on a riverbank in 19th-century Maryland. After CPR on the youngster and saving his life, Dana is met by a white man brandishing a shotgun and asking, “What the heck is going on here?” In the antebellum era, when slavery was still a common practice on southern American estates, what exactly was Dana doing? Dana is yelling in panic, and her white spouse is enquiring what is happening when she exits her first time-traveling spell and is back to contemporary Los Angeles.

Being flitted between the past and the present, Dana tries to make sense of it all. Dana will soon returns to the south, fleeing for her life while being beaten by a white guy. Unexpectedly, she is saving the same white youngster once more from a fire. Her excursions into the past create havoc in her present existence. Outside her home, a police cruiser with flashing sirens. The knife is raised. Dana is in a bathtub with blood-red water. Her life in the present appears to be the price she must pay for her compulsion to visit the past.


What happens in Kindred?

A young black woman who wants to be a writer has left her life of duty to her family and moved to Los Angeles. She is being going back and forth in time forcefully before settling into her new house.

Who comprises Kindred?

The cast also features Gayle Rankin, Austin Smith, David Alexander Kaplan, Sophina Brown, Ryan Kwanten, and Johnson and Stock.

From Kindred, is Dana black?

The protagonist and narrator of the book are Dana. A young black woman writer living at the turn of the century is into the antebellum South of the nineteenth century, an unfamiliar setting where she must fight to protect her freedom and forge an identity.

I want to watch Kindred FX, but how?

Only on Hulu, Butler follows FX’s Kindred, with all episodes streaming on 12.13.

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