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Release Information for Clerks III: Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know

Clerks have evolved but haven’t matured from a black and white independent film made on a pitiful $27,575 budget (and it shows) to a cult classic whose characters have their faces on (cough cough) “water pipes.” Clerks III will soon grace screens with its brilliant, witty, conversational comedy focused on the lower middle-class life, over thirty years after the groundbreaking movie Clerks was written by God herself and given to the best director in the world. This movie might be where the boys finally accomplish their lofty goals after being unable to make their ambitious plans come true for so long.

Clerks III Release date

The conclusion of the Clerks trilogy won’t be delayed for long, disappointing fans of the series. The third installment of Clerks, directed by Kevin Smith, will be released on September 13, 2022. Smith and the Lionsgate distribution team may choose to revert to the 1990s and distribute the movie in cinemas in this age of straight-to-stream movies. When the third Clerks movie is streamable online is currently unknown. We do hope that it will cost exactly $15 when it is available for purchase, little chap.

The ideal way to watch the movie once you can do so from the comfort of your home—aside from with some smooch boochi noochies—might be with a Mooby’s burger. The Mooby’s pop-up dining experience was designed by vegan Kevin Smith in 2020 and debuted with merchandise to purchase and props (and occasionally movie stars) for photo opportunities.

If a pop-up location is unavailable near you, you can still order Mooby’s online by selecting Mooby’s meal kit option. To view the pop-timetable, click this link, but remember that girls fart more often when they eat fast food.

The cast of Clerks III   

Ladies and gentlemen, Silent Bob and Jay, are in the house! Without Silent Bob, played by writer-director Kevin Smith, and his slick-talking platonic life partner Jay (Jason Mewes), there wouldn’t be a Clerks movie. The actors from the movies themselves are Jeff Anderson, who viewers recognize as the obnoxious movie guru Randall, and Brian O’Halloran, who is as Dante in the Smithverse but isn’t even meant to be in the present day, are both making a comeback.

Th, boyfriend-stealing, down-to-earth cool girl Becky Scott, who previously the neighborhood Mooby’s fast food store, will be by Rosario Dawson, who is in the Clerks cast in Clerks II. The youthful, devout Lord of the Rings enthusiast Elias (Trevor Fehrman) seemed to have emulated his more experienced, hipper older brother. When Ben Affleck shows up there, the Quick Stop team will undoubtedly inquire why his neck is in their woods. Smith’s longtime pal Justin Long, comedian Fred Armisen, and 90s scream queen Sarah Michelle Gellar will also make appearances.

The plot of Clerks III   

The third installment of Clerks will be the most meta thing ever appearing in Kevin Smith’s universe. Yes, this is more meta than when characters from Chasing Amy claimed that Chasing Amy could never be a movie after watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

After throwing Dante his bachelor party, the pair returned to their old employment at the Quick Stop, singing while smoking and chewing gum because, as the saying goes, “Boys, it’s necessary to have a job that matters.” Randall resolves to quit wasting his time watching movies and start making one after nearly escaping a heart attack (much like Smith himself). Randall’s first movie features him.

Other details:

Randall’s first movie is about him working at the Quik-e-Stop with his closest friend Dante. Jay and Silent Bob, who he compares to C-3PO and R2-D2, who he describes as the C-3PO and R2-D2 of their lives at the corner store, are by actors in the movie. Or, we find it unbelievable that Judi Dench played Dante. The movie will follow the group of pals as they produce the movie of a lifetime and experience all the stoned mayhem that goes along with a View Askewniverse production.

There will be plenty of nods to the first two films in Clerks III, like Chewlie’s gum, rooftop hockey, the “I assure you” sign, and the notice on their register asking you to let them know if you plan to shoplift. Even the original Dante’s death scene from the first Clerks movie, which was ultimately out. Well, because Smith said he didn’t know how to conclude a movie, is here. Additionally, it appears that Smith will make fun of himself and the personas he has created over the years as part of the stoner humor.


The trailer for the upcoming stoner comedy was out on Smith’s personal YouTube website on July 6. In addition to the teaser, listeners may discover scene studies from Smith’s early films on his podcast Fatman Beyond, where he discusses sci-fi and superhero-related topics in general.


What will the plot of Clerks 3 be?

After Randal, played by Jeff Anderson, had a potentially fatal heart attack, “Clerks III” will continue his story. Randal enlists the aid of Dante, Elias, Becky, Jay, and Silent Bob to make a film about the convenience store that catalyzed everything. The movie will undoubtedly reflect many of Smith’s real life.

Does Clerks 3 exist?

I can confirm that the Quick Stop is open once more. The long-awaited third installment of Kevin Smith’s 1994 masterpiece of New Jersey cinema,. Also Clerks III, has finally received its first trailer from Lionsgate following Smith’s initial announcement of the project in 2019.

Why doesn’t Randall appear in the Jay and Silent Bob reboot?

When Dante (Brian O’Halloran) tells the police. So, that he can give them Randall’s location, implying that Randall has gone into hiding. It is for something unlawful, his absence is at the film’s opening. Just before the release of the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Anderson and Smith reconciled.

In what city was Clerk 3 shot?

Kevin Smith, a cult favorite New Jersey director who grew up in Highlands, has made three movies in this series. The majority of “Clerks III” was in Leonardo, the location of the original Quick Stop convenience store. Also, that served as the focal point of the first two “Clerks” films, in July and August of last year.


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