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Release Information for Let The Right One In (2022): Cast and Plot

Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist published his first book, Let the Right One In, in 2004. In this terrifying tale, a little kid named Oskar inadvertently befriends a vampire who seems to be his age. Eli, the vampire, was trapped within a child’s body after her transformation years ago. She is alone with a man named Hkon, who assists her in obtaining the human blood she requires to live.

Two film adaptations of the book have already been made, in addition to a stage adaptation. Let the Right One In, the title of the 2008 Swedish movie, was retained. Lina Leandersson, Kre Hedebrant, and Per Ragnar played Eli, Oskar, and Hkon, respectively, in that movie. In their opinion, the original title was too lengthy, so they wanted to shorten it to “Let Her In” when the English-language remake was released in 2010. This is based on the widespread belief among vampires that they require an invitation to enter a residence.

Since Let Me In’s story focuses more on establishing trust in relationships, Lindqvist intervened and suggested they choose that option instead. He stated that revealing a vampire’s true identity is equally as risky as someone unintentionally inviting one into their house. In this adaptation, Chloe Grace-Moretz, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Richard Jenkins were joined by Elias Koteas (as Goliath) and Dylan Minnette in the critical parts (13 Reasons Why).

A&E and TNT discussed the idea of a television series in 2015 and 2016, but it was ultimately abandoned. Showtime placed a pilot episode order in March 2021, and by September of that same year, they had given the production team a 10-episode series order. Along with Seith Mann (Homeland), who oversaw the pilot and subsequent episodes, Andrew Hinderaker (Penny Dreadful) served as showrunner and executive producer.

Having learned the background information, continue reading to learn everything else you need to know before the Showtime premiere.

Let the Right One In the Release date.

The start of the series is scheduled for October 7, 2022. The number of episodes is 10, and new ones will be released weekly. You will need a subscription to Watch (or a good friend with a subscription who is willing to let you over to their house once a week to watch with them), as it is a Showtime original like Dexter and Yellowjackets.

The cast of Let the Right One In  

 The lead role of Mark (Hkon in the original Swedish version) will be played by Demián Bichir. In 2011’s American drama A Better Life, Bichir’s performance earned him an Oscar nomination. He played Walter Simmons in Godzilla vs. Kong and Bob in Quentin Tarantino’s 2015 movie The Hateful Eight.

Madison Taylor Baez, well-known for playing Young Selena in Selena: The Series, will play Eleanor. Isaiah, Eleanor’s new buddy and confidant, will be portrayed by Ian Foreman. Foreman will be seen in this television series for the second time.

 Furthermore, Anika Noni Rose will portray Naomi Cole in all ten episodes. Cole is the policeman who grows suspicious and looks into all the odd attacks and disappearances. Princess Tiana’s voice in the 2009 Disney film The Princess and the Frog made Rose famous. Additionally, she’ll be reprising that part in the upcoming Tiana Disney+ series.

Grace Gummer (American Horror Story), Kevin Carroll (Blindspotting), and Josh Wingate all join the cast for all ten episodes (Inverse)

The plot of Let the Right One In  

While the basic premise—that little Isaiah befriends a strange young girl named Eleanor—seems to have remained largely the same—Ian Foreman (Ordinary Joe) (Madison Taylor Baez). They use Morse code to communicate through the wall separating their apartments. Eleanor lives with a man named Mark (Demián Bichir), who obtains the blood Eleanor has to swallow to survive.

When some of Mark’s blood collection attempts fail, suspicions are raised, and the increase in local attempted assaults and missing person reports are brought to light. She is forced to go hunting on her own when he cannot supply the blood, which can be… nasty.

A few sentences in the teaser suggest that Mark and Eleanor are actively looking for the vampire who turned Eleanor many years ago, suggesting that the plot may also veer slightly from the originals. Discover the host, find the remedy, they say.


It appears like the two of them are looking for a solution to reverse Eleanor’s condition rather than merely getting by and leading a quiet life to escape detection. Watch the trailer up above to get a better idea. Even though it is a little teaser, we see those fangs in action. What remains to be determined is whether any of the additional individuals revealed in this forthcoming series will be allies or enemies. What will they do, more crucially, if they discover the more experienced and formidable vampire who gave birth to Eleanor?


What does Let the Right One In mean?

The song “Let the Right One Slip In” by Morrissey is referenced in the title. It is a parody of the vampire legend notion that vampires must be invited into a home. Because the publishers thought the original title was too long, the American edition is titled Let Me In.

In Let the Right One In, who or what is Eli?

The name of the centuries-old kid vampire in the book and original film Let the Right One In is Eli, previously known as Elias (male), who was changed to Abby for the 2010 film Let Me In.

Is the recommended option in Scary Reddit let?

Although there are some graphic moments, Oskar and vampire Eli’s friendship are heartwarming (and terrifying). This film is genuinely terrifying, but it is also contemplative. I wholeheartedly suggest this movie if you haven’t watched it.

What occurs in the book’s conclusion, Let the Right One In?

After Eli kills the bullies, Oskar and Eli flee. Eli maintains her age and relies on Oskar to provide her with her regular blood flow, whereas Oskar is likely to age like Hkan.


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