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Release of Slumberland in 2022, including cast and crew

Slumberland is the newest children’s fantasy novel to be added to the list of Netflix originals scheduled for release in 2022. This live-action remake, based on Winsor McKay’s 1905 comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland, will be available on Netflix in November. The 1989 Japanese animated film Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland served as the first full-length feature adaptation of the original comics. Early in 2020, Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) was named as the director of Slumberland.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the prequel movie to The Hunger Games, is currently in production. Lawrence previously directed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Co-authors David Guion and Michael Handelman worked on Slumberland. Since the two of them previously collaborated on Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, this will be their second project together. Chernin Entertainment co-produced the film with Peter Chernin as CEO, David Ready as EVP, Jenno Topping, and the rest of the team.

The most recent movie the three of them made together was the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. Soon after Lawrence was director, Netflix bought the rights to Slumberland, and filming was to start that summer. However, because of the epidemic, the movie was until February 2021. About three months of filming completes on May 19 of that year. There hasn’t been much information about this upcoming movie since a small teaser clip was in Netflix’s 2022 Movies trailer… until now. Here is all the information you require about Slumberland.


Slumberland Release date

On November 18, 2022, Slumberland will have its world premiere. Netflix will be the only place where you can see the movie online. Due to its PG rating, this fantasy/adventure picture will be suitable for audiences of practically all ages. If you want to watch the 1989 animated version of Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland, you may find it available to stream on several platforms like Roku, Tubi, and Prime Video. We still have plenty of time before November.

The cast of Slumberland  

As Nema, Marlow Barkley will make her feature picture debut. She is well-famous for her voice work on the Disney series Amphibia and for playing Sophie Cooper in the television series Single Parents. She is also working on several new projects, such as Spirited, a musically enhanced modern retelling of Charles Dickens’s famous book A Christmas Carol scheduled for release on Apple TV+ in 2022. Jason Momoa will portray Flip, a part initially voiced by Mickey Rooney in the 1989 adaption (Aquaman). In HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones, Momoa is best for his depiction of Khal Drogo, the leader of the Dothraki people.

A brand-new character named Matt will be by The Handmaid’s Tale actor Luxton Handspiker. He can be driving a mysterious dreamland car in the trailer alongside Nema and Flip. Kyle Chandler will portray the unnamed figure who will play Nema’s father. The movies Bloodline, Godzilla vs Kong, and Game Night made Chandler famous. India de Beaufort, who was most recently in the movie Kimi, and Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids) have both cast in an undisclosed part.

Tonya Cornelisse (Yellowjackets), Jamillah Ross (Chucky), Weruche Opia (I May Destroy You), and Leslie Adlam (Becky) all play the four roles designated as Agent Red, Agent Orange, Green, and Brown, respectively. It’s unclear what function these operatives will serve in Slumberland or if Nema and Flip would view them as allies or foes.


The plot of Slumberland  

In the new reimagining, the main character has from being a young boy Nemo, who first in the comics and the previous film adaption, to becoming a young girl Nema. The name “Nemo,” or in this case, “Nema,” is of Greek origin and roughly translates to “Nobody.” It is with maritime tales like Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues. Why is this relevant to Slumberland? The majority of literary “Nemos” have been explorers on a quest. They frequently travel alone, making a few pals along the way. This tale is uncannily identical.

 Name used to live with her father, who once read her a beautiful bedtime story about the enchanted Slumberland. It is a world on hopes but also fears (yes, like The Sandman). You can wish for anything there, and it will come true. After his death, she discovers a cryptic map that purports to direct her to Slumberland. That night, when she drifts off to sleep, she awakens on top of her (now magical) bed and finds herself being into that dimension. She encounters the infamous figure known as Flip there. Flip is a lovable mischief-maker who frequently causes havoc in Slumberland. Flip and Nema create a similar bond to that of the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist, who adopts young Oliver. To bring Nema and her deceased father back together again, they travel through the constantly shifting realm of dreams together.


Yes! On August 24, Netflix officially made a teaser trailer available on YouTube. It’s the first new detail we’ve learned since the initial teaser video. Observe it below! If you are familiar with the 1989 adaptation or the original comic books, you may have that the trailer does not refer to nightmares or its connection to Slumberland. It might be a conscious choice to downplay this enemy, or the narrative itself could be to emphasise Nema and how she copes with her father’s death. As you can see, Nema must have prayed for her toy pig to come to life because you can see the animal by her side throughout many exciting situations, much like Icarus, the flying squirrel from the 1989 animated movie. Will she be able to fulfil her greatest goal and see her father once more?


Slumberland: A Remake or Not?

Slumberland on Netflix will be based on Winsor McCay’s 1905 comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. The Netflix version will feature a little girl instead of the young boy. So, who is the plot’s focus in the original comic; Nemo will now be as Nema.

Is Slumberland a Netflix title?

On November 18, 2022, “Slumberland” will make its debut exclusively on Netflix.

Is Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland on Netflix?

Francis Lawrence will be directing and writing the next American fantasy adventure movie Slumberland. Also, which David Guion and Michael Handelman wrote. It is based on Winsor McCay’s comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland.

What happens in the movie Slumberland?

A young girl finds a hidden map to the dreamland of Slumberland. And with the aid of an eccentric outlaw, she travels through dreams. So, escapes from nightmares in the hope of finding her deceased father.


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