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Remember the Kerala couple who went viral for a weird reason? They got married now!

You may all have remembered one Kerala couple who went viral this year when the man secretly kept his girlfriend in his home for over 10 years. Finally, they got married on September 16. Rahman hit the headlines as he kept his girlfriend Sajitha hidden in a single room in his family house for over 10 years. And the most surprising thing is that the family didn’t know about this. After 10 years they finally got married legally at Nenmara on Wednesday. 

They had a non-religious ceremony and they entered into wedlock under the special marriage act at the local sub-register office. The wedding was indeed very simple as a Sajitha just simple cotton salwar and Raman was spotted in a dhoti and shirt, but yet the couple seemed very happy and secure while signing their marriage documents. As Rahman’s parents were against this union and did not accept their relationship, the parents or relatives of Rahman’s were not seen at the function. But instead of their parents, the local MLA K Babu attended the function along with the wife. Sajitha’s parents, Velayudhan and Santha were also present at the registrar’s office with the bouquet. But later as the couple was happy getting married after so many years they waited, the couple happily distributed sweets and also thanked everyone who supported them to get married. Talking about their life now, Rahman said, “We wish to live a happy and peaceful life from now onwards”

Wondering how they got busted? The truck driver Bashir spotted his brother Rahman who was cycling in Nenmara town around 30 km from Palakkad. Since March 10, the Rahman family didn’t see him and thus Bashir followed him and decided to inform the authorities. As a result, police nabbed Rahman, a house painter, and he took them to his rented residence which was located at a nearby locality known as a Vithanassery. After entering the house they found the woman and she said that she was the wife of the 35-year-old. As the authorities questioned her they found out that she is Sajitha who was missing for 11 years from the same police station limits. This happened on June 7, 2021. 

The officers were suspicious of Rahman’s story that Sajitha lived with him for almost a decade away from her family which is barely a hundred meters away. The most surprising thing for the officials was that Rahman’s parents who were living with the same residents were also unaware of this. 

In February 2010 Sajitha allegedly went to one of their relatives’ houses and did not return. A complaint was even filed but police would not be able to find her. Eventually, the family gave up the hope of finding her. 11 years passed by and the village almost forgot her. A police official even said that many thought she eloped with someone in Tamil Nadu. But according to Rahman and Sajitha she was hidden in a room that was a hundred meters away from their family and at the same time the police were also searching all over. She was hiding inside a small house which consisted of three rooms and the kitchen. As there was no bathroom attached to the room, they said that the women used to get out of the room through a window silently at night and the window was usually found closed during day time.

But now a case is registered by the Kerala state women’s commission and they said that it was against the law to keep women in captivity. According to the police the man looked after the woman as she stayed for 10 years in a room at his house which was located at karakattuparamb.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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