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Rogue Agent: Filming Spot, Story and Everything We Know So Far

A conman who pretended to be an MI5 agent, Robert Freegard’s real story is fictionalized in the new British crime thriller Rogue Agent, also known as Freegard. Additionally, he appears in the 2022 Netflix documentary The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman. Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn, who also created the script with Michael Bronner for Rogue Agent, are responsible for its direction. Lawn, a former investigative journalist, and Patterson, a photojournalist, have previously collaborated on several projects after meeting while working for the BBC’s Panorama. They are possibly best known for producing the upcoming series Blue Lights as well as the popular BBC drama The Salisbury Poisonings. Based on Bronner’s article, “Chasing,” the script

The story revolves around conman Robert Freegard, played by James Norton, who approaches his targets by pretending to be a spy and coerces them into complying with his demands. Everything goes well for him until Alice Archer (Gemma Arterton), one of his victims, learns the truth and decides to take him down. Along with Julian Barratt, Shazad Latif, Marisa Abela, Edwina Findley, and others star. Check out the following guide for all information about Rogue Agent/Freegard, including the release date, storyline, trailer, cast, and characters.

Rogue Agent: The Movie Release date

A simultaneous theatrical and digital release of Rogue Agent is happening. On Friday, August 12, 2022, IFC Films will open the film in theatres throughout the country. It will also be available to stream on AMC+ on the same day. On July 27, 2022, Rogue Agent will become available on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

The cast of Rogue Agent: The Movie  

The prominent cast members of Rogue Agent are James Norton from McMafia and Gemma Arterton from The King’s Man as Robert Freegard and Alice Archer, respectively. In addition to Shazad Latif from Penny Dreadful, Marisa Abela from Industry, Edwina Findley from Black Lightning, Sarah Goldberg from Barry, Jimmy Akingbola from The Tower, Freya Mavor from Skins, Rob Malone from Prime Suspect, Philip Wright from Prime Suspect, Michael Fenton Stevens from Nighty Night, and Charlotte Avery from EastEnders are also part of the ensemble cast. T

he true story of British conman and imposter Robert Hendy-Freegard, convicted in the film Rogue Agent, served as its inspiration. Other names for him include David Hendy and David Clifton. Freegard worked as a bartender and a car salesperson while posing as an MI5 agent for years, deceiving many people. Young girls were his main targets because he would trick them into being his friends. Then, using primarily financial demands as leverage, he would mentally pressure and compel them into complying, frequently warning them that the IRA was after them and risked being killed. Then, he would put them in terrible situations after using gaslighting to force them to cut off contact with their loved ones and friends. 

The plot of Rogue Agent: The Movie  

Rogue Agent began filming in London in May 2021. The principal photography was in July 2021 after six weeks. Rogue Agent appears to be in the period when Robert Freegard was most active, which is between the late 1990s and early 2000s, even though no timeline is in the trailer or the movie’s plot. Most likely, a few significant cases between 1995 and 2005 and were eventually out in public are in the film.

Spies frequently use disguises and aliases. However, how can you distinguish between a conman posing as a spy and a spy appearing as a conman? It can be perplexing, which is how psychopaths like Robert Freegard were able to manipulate their victims for years.

The plot of Rogue Agent centres on Robert Freegard, a convicted British con artist who kidnaps his victims—the majority of whom are women—while posing as an undercover MI5 agent. Then he runs into Alice Archer, who is the ideal target. She falls in love with him after being in love by his attractive demeanour and seduction techniques. However, Alice senses something awry when Robert reveals to her that he is a secret spy with MI5.

Alice begins her investigation because she senses the man is off. As soon as she learns he has abducted a girl, her primary goal is to stop him by any means necessary.

The official summary from IFC is as follows: The chilling true story of conman Robert Freegard, who posed as an undercover MI5 agent, kidnapping countless victims amidst a high-stakes search until the woman who fell for him brought him to justice.


The Rogue Agent clip begins with Robert Freegard seducing Alice Archer in the role of a self-assured, charming automobile salesperson. He quickly admits to being a covert spy for British Intelligence. The narrative turns sinister as Alice tries to uncover Robert’s hidden past. Following a high-stakes, nationwide search, young women and their families are to constant exploitation, kidnapping, and murder. The suspenseful music and tense atmosphere in the trailer foreshadow the severity of the atrocities depicted in the film. The teaser is a great setup for what will happen in the entire movie, especially with the sound of the vintage 2000s phones ringing, which heightens the tension. View the trailer using the player up top.


Is the “rogue agent” tale accurate?

You may have heard of Robert Freegard before; the semi-fictionalized version of his story, Rogue Agent, is based on the valid account of his misdeeds, which was out in the documentary The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman.

What is the basis for Rogue Agent?

When they find out that James Norton’s movie Rogue Agent is based on the true life of Robert Freegard, viewers are in shock.

Where was the movie “Rogue Agent” shot?

The first day of filming in London was May 31, 2021. The cast expanded in July with the addition of Sarah Goldberg, Jimmy Akingbola, Freya Mavor, Rob Malone, Philip Wright, Michael Fenton Stevens, and Charlotte Avery.

Rogue Agent debuted when?

The Rogue Agent Starter Pack, made available during Season 3, included the Epic Outfit Rogue Agent. It priced $4.99 and came with 600 V-Bucks and his Back Bling. On September 15, 2018, he was available for 1,500 V-Bucks in the Item Shop, which sparked debate.

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