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Rooh Afza Maggi! A new version of Maggi is making everyone crazy!

This year was really tough for many people to spend time with, as many of us were quarantined and one of the best things that the internet found and made easy cooking was many cooking videos that were posted online making people interested in cooking. 

As the year has come to an end now many thought there would be a new trend going on but it seems like the bizarre experiments with the food that people were doing a few months back is going to continue for some time more. Although the year will end in a few days, many social media users are still posting bizarre experiments with food, and as in the past few months we saw that people have really experimented a lot with the ability of the snack of Maggi, it seems like it was once again entering into the trend. 

Well, the creations of horrific dishes that are using Maggie that includes Maggi kheer and laddu, yet another sweet twist to the instant noodle has now appeared on the internet. Also, it has been successfully doing the rounds on the Internet and is currently going super viral which is named as Rooh Afza Maggi. Yes, you read that right, and believe it or not but, someone really created a dress using maggi noodles and Rooh Afza. Well, a food blogger tried this magenta-coloured Maggi with the sweet rose syrup. Not to forget to make a note that he was indeed freaking out himself as seen in the video and as well as netizens freaking out watching this video.

 In the video clip, posted by blogger Arjun Chauhan (@oye.foodieee) on Instagram, you can see a street vendor in Delhi was seen making Maggi in the usual way. He is seen adding the masala mix to the instant noodles but instead of serving as it is or preferred choices like chopped vegetables or egg, he decided to add the noodles with the syrup. Although the food blogger doesn’t review the dish or even utter a word, his expression said it all in the video. 

Also to give his video a hilarious touch he decided to add the famous music of ‘Oh no! Oh no!’ to go with the footage. wealth to make a note of all social media users who came across the video where they were really agreeing with the music that he put as a background and also stated that it was a perfect choice given the catastrophe! As the video went viral, social media users started commenting on the idea that the vendor got to add syrup with the instant noodles that spoiled the entire dish. 

All the social media users were also seen slamming him for “ruining Maggi”, while others questioned the blogger why he tried to taste it in the first place. Along with many ee jokes and sarcastic comments on the first you can also actually see that many social media started the conversation on how social media uses and food bloggers should just ignore such “crazy innovation” so that more people do not join the trend of creating weird food.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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