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Sania Mirza shares- How to react when your best friend tags someone else in a meme? The clip takes the internet by storm!

The cherished famous personality Sania Mirza recently took the internet by storm by posting a hilarious Instagram reel which is loved by all of her fans and many other social media users who watched it. The video clip posted by her left netizens amazed and also Farah Khan was seen commenting on the post later. It went crazy viral and is currently one of the trendiest videos on several social media platforms. Farah Khan also commented on it by saying that Mirza is “becoming a professional actor”. Well, it is the fact that we want our best friends to always tag us and all of the posts and especially if it is a hilarious meme. The same feeling is what Sania Mirza shares and her post was related to the fact that how are you supposed to react when your best friend tags someone else in a meme which she shared? Of course, it was relatable to many other social media users, and the hilarious twist that she gave to the big disappointment feeling when your best friend tags someone else on the meme got the attention of many netizens. 

In a hilarious Instagram Reels video, the ace player was seen using a song from the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham to portray how she would be feeling if her best friend forgets to tag her on a meme post on social media. Sania Mirza is seen lip-syncing to a particular line which is “Duniya Mein dosto ki waise kaami nahi hai yaar (there is no dearth of friends in the world)”. The lines are from the song ‘Deewana Hai Dekho’ sung by Alka Yagnik. Mirza tried to capture the feeling of disappointment that would be heartbreaking which such an occasion would cause. As per her, she has only pointed out the “facts” in her post. However, the fact that left the netizens confused is that whether this particular real by her is inspired by an incident from her life or not. Also, many other social media users were seen guessing about the best friend that he might be referring to in her reel.  

As per many of her fans, the Instagram reel may be referring to the famous Bollywood director and choreographer Farah Khan who is one of the closest friends of Sania Mirza. Some social media users also went on to tag Farah Khan to ask if she has done anything to inspire Sania Mirza to create and share the video on her official social media account. As the clip left many netizens amazed, Farah Khan commented on the post later, saying that Mirza is “becoming a professional actor”. The comment section of the video is filled with hilarious comments by her fans.

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