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See what Simone Biles has to say about her Tokyo Olympics

Sometimes it takes you to be at the lowest and vulnerable to learn how strong and brave you are; the same happened with Simon Biles over the summer during the Tokyo Olympics. 

It’s been a few months since star Olympian Simone Biles was forced to withdraw from the event at Tokyo Olympics after facing an anxiety issue during her performance. When she was in the air, anxiety hit her, and she lost her sense of where she was. Still processing what and how it all happened, but now, a few things are clearer. 

Speaking about her experience with USA Today, she said, “I learned more about myself this year than I ever knew before.” 

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“How brave and courageous I am,” she added. “I have always  liked to pretend bravery, but I really think what happened just solidified me being brave for putting myself first and speaking for myself.” ” a lot of things I would have never believed or experienced had that incident didn’t happen. 

She has been winning gold for many years and has not lost an all-around competition for eight years, and was an absolute favorite to win gold this year as well. 

Initially, Simone was all set to take part in multiple events in the Tokyo Olympics, including floor exercise, vault, all-around, and balance beam. However, during the team event, the 24-year Simone withdrew from the tournament after posting 13.766 scores on the balance beam because she felt she was not mentally fit. Later she revealed her aunt died on August 1. 

Her decision to withdraw from the event spiked mental health conversations across the globe, especially among elite athletes. Encouraging people who never shared their struggle behind the brave face finally opened up, and many thanked Simone for showing it’s okay to share your struggle and prioritize yourself, and sometimes it becomes necessary. 

Simons said, ” Even now when I got my nails checked, the girl who checked me was like oh my gosh, you’re Simone Biles, thank you for doing what you did.” ” It warms my heart that I was able to help and encourage people that they don’t have to suffer in silence anymore.” 

Simon Biles wants these conversations to be normalized for all. 

Simone has now tied with Shannon Miller for winning the most gold medals as American female gymnasts, with a total of seven.

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