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5 Sikh men used their turbans to rescue a hiker at Golden Ears waterfall in Canada

An amazing and quick-thinking group of hikers in Canada managed to save the life of another hiker by coming up with an idea of using their turbans to pull out the man, who slipped into the cold waters which was at Golden Ears waterfall. Their sudden struck of idea and togetherness surely helped to rescue the men from such a tragic disaster.

According to some local reports, it is known that around 6 pm, the Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue (SAR) team received a call which was regarding a hiker who was in trouble. Rick Laing, SAR manager, told the Maple Ridge News the man had fallen into the pool from the falls and the man was not able to get out but even before the rescue team was able to reach the location, a group of five Sikh men sprung to action. Rick Laing told the news website, “Five young males hiking past rendered them aid by taking their turbans off, tying them together and making one long rope.”

The video of the men rescuing the hiker who fell has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, it can be seen that the five Sikh men are trying their best to save the hiker by throwing a rope, which was fashioned out of their turbans, towards the man who had fallen into the pool. The video was spreading at a fast pace and widely, as people appreciated the Sikh men for their quick action and the innovative way to use their turban to rescue him. 

One of the Sikh men of the team said, “In Sikhi, we are taught to help someone in any way we can with anything we have, even our turban.” He further said he and his friends were not scared for their safety at that moment. They just wanted to save the hikers. “We just really cared about the safety of the man,” he said.

It is also known through some reports that the man thanked the hikers who helped them before leaving. But his identity is still unknown.

According to some reports, the man who was in his mid-20s was soon rescued with the help of the 5 men. “The rocks there are quite slick and it can be really difficult to get back out of it, especially if you are wet and cold. So, they were fortunate that these five young men happened by and were able to get them out and back up to the trail,” Rick Laing said.

Rick Liang further said it was not clear whether the man slipped into the pool or he did not see the hazard signs. But Liang added that they were very lucky to be rescued.

The reports stated that the man didn’t see the warning signs. Regarding this, Laing warned hikers to be careful around the creeks and rivers in the park. “Several people are injured each year as a result of slips or falls,” he said. “It seems about once every one to two years, someone will be swept over the falls and die as a result of their injuries.”

The hikers have been lauded and praised for their bravery and their quick response. Even the Sikh Community of British Columbia shared the video on Twitter and captioned it, “Kudos to these young men for their quick thinking and selflessness.” And the netizens can’t stop themselves from appreciating the men for their quick response of the 5 members and are happy to see that they even used their turbans to save them.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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