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Season 2 of “The Sex Lives of College Girls”: Everything We Know

In The Sex Lives of College Girls, released in November 2021, Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble introduced us to Kimberly, Bela, Leighton, and Whitney, four college roommates attempting to make it through their first year at the prestigious and academically demanding Essex College of Vermont. The four young women were thrown together by the dorm’s resident advisor at random and couldn’t be more dissimilar. But as the women work through their problems, they come to rely on one another, whether it is by sharing delicate secrets, going to great themed frat parties, or eating whole cheesecakes while making fun of meathead dudes and their ridiculously ridiculous six-pack abs. But as fans of the hilarious series know, it’s not just another female film. 

This ground-breaking comedy, written and created by one of the brilliant minds behind The Office, examines sex, love, and relationships in a way that will make you question your relationships. It features relatable characters and situations and hilarious college hijinks that will make you long for college. We never imagined that anything could make us long for the days of exams, odorous mini-fridges, and tuition payments. Still, now that Season 1 is over, we are even more nostalgic for the days spent in dorms and are eager to learn what the women of Suite 104 are getting up to. More passionate tutoring sessions, sexual scandals, heart-to-hearts, and strong women forging their trials while suddenly experiencing what it’s like to become a woman are all things viewers want to see more of.

The Sex Lives of College Girls 2
The Sex Lives of College Girls 2

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release date

Fans of the show have been eager for any information about the second season since the renewal was announced so quickly after the first. Fortunately, Mindy Kaling has regularly updated her Twitter followers on the second season. In addition to posting updates about her reunion with her on-screen partner from The Office, her thoughts on the Atlanta episode descriptions, and her significant work with organizations like PurpleStride, Mindy Kaling has also shared a table read that gave fans a sneak peek at some returning cast members. HBO Max informed viewers that the ladies’ second trimester would start streaming on November 17th, 2022, after formal filming ended in August.

The cast of The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2  

There will be some cast changes because so much has changed on the Essex campus in such a short period. We will see many of our favorite kids return, even though others didn’t do well, according to Kaling’s photo of Season 2’s table reading participants.

Reneé Rapp will reprise her role as the stylish, invulnerable, and emotionally closed-off Leighton. Tattoos, Rapp’s debut original song, was just out. Rapp is both a musician and an actress. The song and its moving music video are frequently on the celebrity’s Twitter account. Rapp’s funny TikTok clip is jam-packed with backstage antics with her co-stars, who can be dancing and singing to her song. 

The Sex Lives of College Girls 2
The Sex Lives of College Girls 2

Other members :

Once more, Amrit Kaur will play the charming, assured, and sexily perceptive Bela. At 23, Kaur began making brief appearances in several television shows. She eventually worked her way up to starring in The Sex Lives of College Girls. The actress, born in Canada, just signed on for the upcoming Stealing Vows, a crime movie now in post-production.

Kimberly, the small-town darling, will be by Pauline Chalamet again. Pauline, whose character struggles in her French studies, is fluent in the language and has previously played roles in which she spoke French. Her most recent work is the French-language television series Woke: XAOC, where she plays the role of Sveta. 

The actress who plays Whitney, Alyah Chanelle Scott, is back in the role of the famous soccer player in a scandalous relationship with her coach. Scott’s first acting appearance was in the 2019 short film Walk Off, and his second was in The Sex Lives of College Girls.

The plot of The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2  

The girls will return from their Thanksgiving holiday in Suite 104 in Season 2, where an alluring new neighbor has recently moved in next door. The winter semester has started, so more themed events like the Winter Underland party and a fundraising event for the environment will heat things when the students produce their female-powered strip show to reverse climate change. The program must also wrap up some loose ends along with these intriguing new extracurriculars. Viewers saw Kimberly deal with the repercussions of cheating on her economics midterm exam after Season 1. The honor board declares that she has broken the strict Essex honor code after receiving the Theta Del cache of exam answers and acknowledging her wrongdoings. Kimberly, who enjoys her classes, is experiencing her first academic setback.

The Sex Lives of College Girls 2
The Sex Lives of College Girls 2

Kimberly struggles to find the time to study while working five days a week to pay her tuition, and in her first year of independence, she only sometimes spends her free time reading. She feels tremendous pressure to succeed because her family made significant sacrifices to allow her to attend the elite institution. Kimberly attempts to develop a strategy in Season 2 to raise the $42,000 annually required to fund her schooling.

Other details :

Her pals are there to back her with brilliant ideas to help her get her hands on some money, from taking foot pictures to being hit by a bus purposely. Leighton ended their secret relationship with Alicia because she feared being out.

She tells Kimberly the truth about her private life after recognizing she doesn’t want to lose Alicia, which is a significant step toward tearing down the barriers she’s put up to protect herself. In the upcoming season, we’ll see how Leighton handles her sexuality and whether or not she’s willing to jeopardise her career and connection with her family to come out. According to the clip, Leighton is not only coming out but also making up for a lost time by conversing with about thirty women at once.


The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 trailer, unveiled on October 19 via the HBO Max official YouTube page, gives viewers a taste of the chaotic, sexual, hectic, and maybe dubious unrest to come.

FAQs :

Is a new season of The Sex Lives of College Girls on the way ?

It has now been out that the show will return on HBO Max on November 17, 2022. The upcoming season’s filming began earlier this year and out to be by this fall.

What channel will the second season of “Sex Lives of College Girls” air on ?

Two episodes of the second season will be accessible on November 17, 2022. Also, and two more will be out each Thursday until the season finale on December 15. It will be available on the RTÉ Player in the Republic of Ireland starting on July 5, 2022. So, with select episodes airing on RTÉ2.

Do Leighton (Renée Rapp) and Imberly (Pauline Chalamet) battle over Nico ?

Nico is the focus of a dispute between two roommates, Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) and Leighton (Renée Rapp). So, in season one of The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Nico, who is he ?

Leighton’s older brother Nico is Kimberly’s potential love interest. Kimberly hides her relationship with Nico from Leighton when they first begin dating.

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