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‘Sharper’ is Being Seen as Movie of the Year. Here is Why 

If you have not yet known about Sharper, streaming on Apple Tv. We cannot wait to tell you everything! But before that, we would announce why this movie can be the best thing you binged on this season. Sharper will be another expertly and the finest made video that Apple+ has added to its steadily expanding library of movies in 2023 which should give you an idea of it rose to popularity even before the release, and also adding to the cast, storyline, and plot. Read everything in this blog before you watch Sharper. 

Apple tv has produced some of the finest movies throughout the last years and reshaped the entitlement of cinema. This is not the first project the two companies have worked on together. The love drama CODA, one of the earlier films, won the first Best Picture Oscar awarded exclusively to a streaming service. Spirited (2022), a musical comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and Octavia Spencer, smashed records to become the most popular film ever on the service and hasn’t completely been written out as an Oscar contender. The movie Emancipation (2022), starring Will Smith and Ben Foster, saw a 27% spike in Apple+ viewers and rose to the top spot in a number of international markets.

“Sharper” Trailer & Streaming

The first Apple TV+ original movie of 2023, “Sharper,” now has a trailer, and it’s jam-packed with celebrity cameos and theft prevention tips. This psychological thriller, which maintains independent film company A24’s distribution associated with the streamer, has an ensemble cast that includes Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow, Justice Smith, and newcomer Briana Middleton.

With an Ariana Grande needle drop and some classic con artistry tossed in for good measure, this teaser has a “Succession”-like atmosphere. One cannot know even if they are aware; all we can ask of you is to try to decipher the hints!

While my knowledge of Justice Smith’s work doesn’t go beyond the “Jurassic World” franchise, well, after the trailer we can say perhaps Sharper movie streaming on Apple tv seems like the kind of movie that could offer up a different bag of microwave popcorn thrills at home on a streaming night. It can be a cliffhanger or it can be a dextor, he says.


About the Movie “Sharper”

The official synopsis of the movie sharper streaming on apple tv, reads its official synopsis as “In the neo-noir thriller Sharper, which is set in the bedrooms, bars, and boardrooms of New York City, nobody is what they seem to be. In a high stakes game of ambition, greed, desire, and envy, characters battle for wealth and power, keeping viewers guessing right up to the very end”

At the centre of Sharper will be Julianne Moore’s character Madeline, a clever and endearing lady who is rising through the ranks of Manhattan’s billionaires. Max, the son of Madeline, will be portrayed by Sebastian Stan as a smart conman who is notorious for devising and carrying out intricate schemes that frequently net large payments. Everyone and everything are facades, the synopsis cautions, and nothing is as it seems. As Sharper follows the power plays and con games that each of its protagonists engages in their quest for wealth, there will definitely be many shocks along the road.

This is How It’s Plot is

Since the trailer has dropped, some layers have been unfolded, but most of it is yet difficult to suggest what can the exact plot of the movie is. In contrast, as suggested or read through the trailer we can say the plot revolves around a tiny, affluent New York City family that is gradually ripped apart by secrets, deceit, and the robbery that initiates it all. During one of his scams, a young guy named Max gets caught and confronted by his mother, who can see straight through him. Max is an amateur con artist. A gulf is evident between them since, while shunning him, she has recently started seeing a local millionaire, mainly for the money.

Sharper & Baft Nominations

In 2023 so far as Apple Tv has been producing the finest cinematic versions. A neo-noir thriller with a fresh release, Sharper, hopes to lead the BAFTA nominations. It seems that the final movies that can qualify for nominations have to be released by February 17. Unexpectedly, this film will be released on February 17.

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Shreya Minocha
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