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Former professional athelete’s net worth declined, as of 2023 

The very popular former NBA player “Shawn Bradley” who is now currently competing for the National Basketball Association started his career as a basketball player and received enormous popularity for his sports achievements. 

However, regardless of his notoriety, his net worth has seen a decline compared to that of 2005 and as of 2023, from 47 million to 27 million US dollars, however, some sources have not given a precise estimation. 

His professional life as an NBA Player 

Shawn Bradley has also played center for several illustrious NBA teams. One of the league’s most exceptional players is Shawn. He has also won several accolades and prizes for his outstanding basketball abilities. With the Philadelphia 76ers, the player began his professional career. In addition, the group selected him in the opening round of the 1993 NBA Draft.

In addition, Shawn Bradley has been a member of the Brooklyn Nets, through the fans of the nets he received great love and popularity. His was popular as the New Jersey Nets then. After spending eight years working for the Dallas Mavericks, he finally called his quits. The basketball player also represented Brigham Young University in collegiate competitions. He didn’t, however, finish his college degree.

The athlete represented the Emery Spartans in high school basketball. He also contributed to the school team’s two state championship victories. The former Mavs was also a three-time All-State player. He also twice won the Most Valuable Player Award in addition to everything else. He also took home the MVP honors for the west squad at the McDonald’s All-American Game. One of the most accomplished and well-known athletes in Utah’s high school history is Bradley. The player in basketball won the WAC Freshman of the Year award. All-WAC defense team selected Shawn Bradley. He took a two-year leave of absence after that to serve as a full-time missionary in Sydney, Australia. The Associated Press also named the former NBA player an Honorable Mention All-American.

Shawn Bradley former NBA player
Shawn Bradley former NBA player


Downfall in Shawn Bradley’s net worth

In 2005 Shawn Bradley’s Net Worth was about to cross 45 million usd. Today it is around 27 million usd. So yes, net worth has had its own downfall but one can also see it due to the post-retirement factors. 

Basketball now is not his only source of income. As he is former Mavs, he also made a respectable sum from sponsorships. Shawn Bradley has sponsorship from several well-known brands and businesses. He also contributed to a number of films and television shows. He appeared in films like Walker, Texas Ranger, The Singles Ward, Space Jam, and others.

Post Retirement life of Shawn Bradley

Shawn Bradley linked forces with West Ridge Academy after his NBA retirement. As vice principal, counselor, and coach at the private school, he supported young people who were in danger. The former NBA center, though, fell short of receiving enough votes to win the contest. Shawn Bradley has furthermore made appearances in films and television shows. The basketball player appeared in Walker, Texas Ranger, Studio C, Space Jam, and The Singles Ward.

In addition, Shawn Bradley also ran as a Republican for the Utah 44th District seat against Democratic Representative Tim Cosgrove.

Shawn Bradley former NBA player
Shawn Bradley former NBA player

Shawn’s personal life 

Shawn is married to Annette Evertson. Both of them together have been loved and adored by their fans. Before Shawn Bradley was chosen by the NBA, the two had already met. She also used to wait for him outside of his basketball workouts. For the pair who knew they were meant to be together, it was love at first sight. The beautiful couple also tied the knot in 1993. They have been a couple for nearly 27 years at this point. But in 2017, there were rumors of divorce but regardless of all the conflict and rumors they pass through and kept their marriage as strong as ever. 

Out of Shawn Bradley’s Wedded Lock, he has four daughters and 2 sons, in total six kids. 

Is Shawn Bradley on Social Media ? 

Shawn Bradley is inactive on social media. It is probabily due to his old-school approach of revealing less of his own life. 

Accident’s impact

Shawn Bradley met a terrible accident, After being struck by a moving car on January 20 while riding his bike close to his house in Utah, Shawn Bradley is totally paralyzed. According to the news, the incident also resulted in catastrophic spinal cord damage that rendered him immobile.

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